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Immunity and its strengthening with the help of aromatherapy

Immunity is divided into two types: Congenital and acquired. Immunity is associated with heredity, and acquired - is manifested as a result of specialized methods and procedures that are aimed at tempering the health of the human body. In our time there are enough ways that are aimed at strengthening the immune system. One of these methods is aromatherapy. This methodmakes use of various essential oils. Let's consider in detail which should be used correctly, which ones and for what purposes they are intended.

Any form of malaise has certainCauses that have the ability to combine, which can lead to the emergence of chronic pathology. Unfavorable influence on the human organism is caused by various stressful situations, non-observance of the correct diet, various electromagnetic radiation, fixed lifestyle. To strengthen the immunity, some rules should be followed, which are mainly aimed at improving the organism and, among other things, can minimize the consequences that the destructive factors may leave behind. The fight against diseases should start at home, before hospitalization. As prevention of disease and the strengthening of the immune system, there is a mass of effective methods, and so a little effort is required. It is much more difficult to overcome a preexisting disease.

Signs of decreased immune activityAccompanied by drowsiness, body aches, constant fatigue, fatigue, headache. If your body is constantly exposed to infections such as herpes on the lips, which occurs at regular intervals, various viral diseases - all this means that your immune defenses have failed, you should urgently take action, until the harmless disease has passed into a chronic form.

Advantage of aromatherapy for strengthening yourHealth is that this method is suitable for use both for children of a small age and for adults. Protect the immune system will help essential oils that help restore the protective functions of the body, which can contribute to accelerated recovery. In the event that you have started the disease and it has already managed to move to a serious stage, then it is necessary to take more serious methods, taking advantage of medication. But, in the event that you set yourself a task to strengthen the immune system, then aromatherapy will be for you an irreplaceable assistant.

In order to understand more clearly in what wayThere is an effect on the human body of essential oils, it is required to consider the mechanism itself, by means of which immunity is determined. The human body includes a variety of tissue connections and glands that produce a set of immune substances that are aimed at combating negative factors. One of the leading substances is T-lymphocytes, moving with the flow of blood, they recognize and destroy harmful substances.

Assistant lymphocytes in the fight for a healthyOrganisms are macrophage cells that absorb and destroy foreign microorganisms. Leukocytes are white-corpuscles, capable of destroying infected cells, which, due to the present dysfunction, can become cancerous. Red-red bodies - erythrocytes, carry on organic tissues and oxygen, which enters the body. Toxins and remains obtained by the decay of the cell pick up the lymph, then it passes them to the liver and kidneys that filter them and remove them from the body.

Strengthening the immune system through aromatherapy can be divided into two types:

  • Essential oils play the role of antiseptics, which are disinfectants;
  • Essential oils that stimulate the production of leukocytes.

Long-term scientific research of specialistsSay that very important in the process of strengthening the immune system are the following essential oils: clove, jasmine, anise, fir, clary muscat, cypress, lavender, black pepper oil, basil, camphor irosmarine. Beneficial effects on the body are also provided by essential oils of the fetus, eucalyptus and bergamot, which also have the ability to help the body with cold ailments. Oils can also be combined to achieve a more effective effect.

For example:

  • One drop of lavender, three drops of bergamot, three drops of eucalyptus and two drops of verbena;
  • Three drops of lavender, three drops of rosemary, one drop of lemon and one drop of verbena;
  • Two drops of rosemary, three drops of orange, three drops of ginger;
  • Two drops of mint, two drops of lavender, two drops of lemon balm, one drop of cedar and one drop of musk.

Use essential oils to strengthenImmune system, possibly in different ways. It is appropriate to perform inhalation of a cold character. You can add a certain amount of oil in the aroma lamp and take it to the dwelling for one day. The same effect can be achieved by dropping the essential oil into a clean cloth of cotton and put on a warm battery.

Also, the inhalation of a warm character will also have a beneficial effect. It is necessary to drop a few drops into the boiling water, and then breathe on the evaporated steam for about ten to fifteen minutes.

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