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Programming the sex of the child by Feng Shui

Work on the final result

According to Feng Shui, if you have a positiveThe final result, the goal will be much easier to achieve. If you imagine the ultimate result of your goal to the smallest details, down to tactile sensations and smell, then success is practically guaranteed to you. By programming the sex of the unborn child, imagine that he was born, and was born the sex you wanted. Can not you introduce a newborn child or introduce a child who is six months old, a year or a year and a half? But just do not introduce yourself to a child who is more than four years old. You will ask why? It's easy to explain - the older the child, the less exciting tenderness we try to experience. For example, what will give you great joy - the first step of the baby or the first bell in school? Surely you said that the first step of the baby, and not that the child went to first grade. By the way, the meditation process will help you to better represent your goal.

Here is a simple method of meditation, whichHelps to program the sex of the child and its proper development before birth. Moreover, this method of meditation will help not only the future mother, but also the father to establish an energy connection with the future child.

Meditation for a couple

Sitting on the floor, bending his legs under him or in a poseLotus. A man must sit behind you, put his hands on your stomach and imagine how energy flows penetrate into the abdomen of his hands. Imagine how the warmth under his hands warms, slightly pulsates and becomes more relaxed. You should concentrate and feel in your turn, how the energy of men flows into you and you are protected by this energy. Now both are maximally relaxed and imagine that you are in a white stream of light that is emerging from somewhere above. Try to feel the skin with this light, feel how warm (not hot) and tender light penetrates under the skin. Present as possible your future child. By the way, you can represent the future child together with your man. From the meditative state, one should go out carefully and slowly. This is necessary in order for your energy fields to be bogged down. Moreover, if you leave this state quickly, the energy fields will not reflect what you felt during meditation. This kind of meditation will help to make your relationship more cohesive.

Choose the date of conception

Today, there are many methods forTo program the child's gender. But it is worth noting that none of the methods do not give 100% guarantee, so maybe uvass the child will be born of a different gender, and not the one you wanted. It's worth noting that the way to program the baby's floor according to the ancient teachings of feng-shui-do is not a 100% guarantee of the birth of a child of the programmed sex, Chinese masters of feng shui confirm that everything is based on faith. It turns out, if there are no trusts in what you are doing, then it will most likely fail to achieve the set goal. Agree, there is some truth in this.


You can also program the sex of the child by months. In order to use this method, you need to compile a small table, taking certain principles.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

1-12 - the month of the year (the name of the monthJanuary December). Twenty-one (in our example) - how many years of the future mother (write full years) .22, 23 ... 33 - this is the amount that was obtained by adding the age and month. By creating such a table, you can increase the possibility of a girl or boy born in your family. The chance of a girl's birth increases, if during the addition of the age of the month you have an even number. If the odd number is added during addition, the chance of a boy's birth increases. But it is worth remembering that this method is also superficial.

By days

There is another constant method for all, helping with the maximum probability of programming the desired sex of the child - planning on the days of conception.

If the child is conceived on 4-16 (even days) dayPost-menstruation, the likelihood of a male child growing. If the child is conceived at 5-15 (odd days) the day after menstruation, the chance of giving birth to a female child is increased.

Tips of the master of Feng Shui

Chinese masters of feng shui share simple tips that can plan the desired sex of the unborn child:

  • In order to give birth to a girl it is advised to head to sleep to the south. If you want a boy, you need to sleep head north.
  • Dreaming of a girl? Then, 7-14 days before the proposed conception, eat less fish and meat. This advice should be followed in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is not necessary to completely exclude these products from the diet, it is enough to cut their consumption 2-3 times. Go for vegetarian cuisine.
  • If you dream about a boy, then youOn the contrary, you need to eat meat, but within reasonable limits. Do not forget to add seafood and fish to the diet. If you want a boy, then it is better to refuse flour products (if possible, of course). To eat "in a new way" should not only you, the man should also start eating according to your desire for the sex of the child.
  • Place the child's figure in the "children" area(A boy or a girl, depending on the desired gender). The "children" zone is the west of the apartment. The figure of a child should always be clean and should not look lonely - it complicates conception, pregnancy. Put next to the doll figure, you can even in a toy crib or stroller. Afraid that you can not correctly place the figure of the child, then the zone "children" can be activated with white color.
  • The "family" zone should not be left without attention either.

All the tips given in the article need to be done in the complex, then the chances for the desired result will be greater!

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