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Benefits and properties of raspberry juice

Fresh berries are much more easily absorbed,Chems of berries. For this reason it is useful to the weakened and sick people. In addition, the juice is very refreshing and tasty and is so popular with small children. By popularity with him can only compare the juice of strawberries or strawberries.

Ingredients of raspberries

Raspberry produces a lot of juice. In raspberry it contains up to ninety percent of pure medicinal water, many biologically active substances, and also minerals and vitamins. All this set goes into the sock, and it must be used within ten to fifteen minutes, otherwise its usefulness begins to get lost. In raspberry juice contains a lot of natural sugar-sucrose, fructose, glucose. In addition, the composition includes nitrogenous and coloring substances, pectins, ethereal purines, protein, tannins, alcohols, catechins, as well as organic acids-caproic acid, citric acid, malic acid and salicylic acid. There are in the juice of raspberries and multivitamins - vitamin A, B, C, E, R, H, minerals-calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, iron, copper, phosphorus, sulfur, boron, zinc, molybdenum, manganese, cobalt, Fluorine.

All these substances, acting together, strengthenTherapeutic effects on the human body. They help the body get rid of excess fluid, toxins and toxins. Improves the process of blood formation, normalizes carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. Useful substances help to maintain order of sight, help the work of the cardiovascular system and kidneys, strengthen the capillaries, as a result of which their permeability decreases.

The benefits of raspberry and its properties

Raspberry, like its juice, is considered the bestAntipyretic and anti-swine fluids. During colds it is necessary to drink raspberry juice with tea honey. A stronger pathogenic effect will be provided by warmed-upmaline juice. It also easily removes toxins from the body and cleans the pores. Chilled juice will reduce the headache and quench your thirst for a long time.

You can not underestimate the role of raspberry juice andAtherosclerosis. It contains beta-sitosterol. This substance, which has a pronounced antisclerotic properties. That is why beta-sitosterolase shortly cleanses the blood vessels and prevents the spread of diseases.

Raspberry juice is consumed in diabetes mellitus andA decrease in appetite: one-fourth to one-third of the glass, three to four times a day for thirty minutes before the start of the meal. If desired, the juice can be diluted with clean water.

With diseases of the gastrointestinal tract andReduce the strength of two or three tablespoons of honey and tea, in between meals, this significantly improves the functioning of the heart muscle and accelerates the process of blood formation.

At arrhythmias it is necessary during all seasonRipening meals drink fresh raspberry juice. The substances contained in it, in particular potassium and iodine, normalize the heart rhythm. If the arterial pressure is increased, it will also come to normal.

Fresh squeezed raspberry juice has diuretic properties, removes excess uric acid from the body, helps with the treatment of hypertension, kidneys, anemia and even leukemia.

It is very useful to drink raspberry juice after suffering a stroke or heart attack. In the east it is used in medicine for the treatment of nervous disorders, infertility and sexual dysfunction.

In folk medicine, the juice was used inTime gastric bleeding, as well as anti-inflammatory, antiemetic and analgesic. Raspberry juice helped a lot after the fun for removing the hangover syndrome. If you have a freshly squeezed raspberry juice at hand, you can use the crimson wispy.

Outer juice is used for acne, eczema and other problems with skin. It is also useful for conjunctivitis. They can wash the eye.

Juice will help restore the immune system and lead to the digestion of the gastrointestinal tract. Especially in people who have been taking strong antibiotics throughout the treatment process.

In a hundred grams of raspberries, only forty-sixkilocalories, so raspberry juice is low-calorie and it can be successfully used for weight loss. Sugars in raspberries are large, but it is a natural sugar that is easily and easily absorbed by the body, so the juice saturates our organism with useful elements, cleanses the walls of blood vessels from cholesterol, removes heavy metals and other toxic substances. Juice has a laxative effect and significantly improves the functioning of the intestines, as a result of which the lumps are eliminated and the excess weight of the organism decreases. To get rid of three typed kilograms, it's enough to sit on a raspberry diet for three days.

Juice of raspberry juice

Cosmetology juice also did not pass by. It helps to keep the skin young and supple, the hair is strong and healthy. Below we give a few recipes for face masks.

If you have oily skin - you need to regularlyto wipe with maltylmine juice. He will have to squeeze through the gauze and wipe his face in the morning, then wash with warm water. This procedure is best for the skin, with excessive rash of acne and acne.

Skin with age spots and freckles, juicecleans, whitens, tones and refreshes. All that is needed for this is to moisten in sokevatku or gauze, pre-folded several times and put on his face for fifteen minutes. You can moisten a napkin once if it dries earlier. You do not need to wash yourself after the procedure. It is enough to wipe the face with a waddeddisk. If the skin is dry, then before applying the mask it will have to be lubricated with cream.

With liver diseases, juice is best not to drink, as with prialergic reactions. With such a problem, it is better to dilute it with one to one vault.

Diluted juice begins to give children up to twoyears, then increase the portion. It should be noted that black and yellow varieties of raspberry often cause allergies. But before you start the treatment with juice, you need to consult a doctor.

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