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Intestinal microflora: composition, meaning, how to restore

Composition of intestinal intestine

Ordinary representatives of natural microfloraIntestines - bifidobacteria, bacteriogens, E. coli, lactobacilli and enterococci. They are ninety-nine percent of all living organisms that inhabit our intestines. Of these, one percent is pathogenic bacteria. These include Clostridia, Staphylococcus, Proteus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and many other organisms. When the intestine is completely healthy, the pathogenic microflora is simply absent. With a healthy intestine, the pathogenic microflora does not happen.

To develop the microflora of the intestine begins in the moment of the person. The final period of development is reached by seven or thirteen.

Value of intestinal intestine

For the full functioning of the humanThe organism is very important normal microflora of the intestine, because it affects the work of the whole organism. A large number of bacteria secrete acids, alcohols and antibiotic substance - lysozyme. Thanks to this, the development of harmful bacteria does not begin in the intestine. In addition, useful bacteria block the release of toxins by pathogenic bacteria.

Useful microorganisms have their own task. They affect the improvement of the process of absorption of nutrients, the decomposition of bile proteins and acids, and the exchange of lipids. In other words, if a person has a poor microflora, he can not see good digestion.

With a healthy microflora, the formation of immunoglobulinA begins, the presence of which plays an important role in immunity.

It is important to know that the disturbance of interactionMicroorganisms in the intestine carries a premature aging of the organism, since the digestive bacteria that are formed as a result of the breakdown of food, begin to etch the body.

Violation of the intestine sphere of the intestine

Violation of the internal environment of the intestine occursAfter a quantitative or qualitative change in the composition of the microflora. Most often, this happens with improperly organized nutrition. Doctors call takayaenasheniya dysbiosis.

Why is the intestinal microflora disturbed?

If taken for a long timeAntibiotics or antiseptics, the microflora will also begin to be disturbed. According to statistics, in ninety percent of cases, dysbacteriosis appears after the onset of antimicrobial therapy. Very often a violation of the microflora causes cleaning of the intestine, when together with harmful bacteria, the beneficial ones are also removed.

To break down the microflora can also your excessive cleanliness, when you use antibiotic means of hygiene, as a result of which, useful bacteria are also removed.

Reduced immunity also contributes to the deterioration of the microflora, which can lead to various infectious diseases, inflammatory processes, radiation therapy and allergic reactions.

Dysbacteriosis can provoke an imbalance of hormones.

Daily stresses, diseases of the centralNervous system, a small amount of sleep, excessive consumption of coffee and energy drinks are the cause of microflora disorders. Bad ecology, malnutrition, bad water also provoke the onset of dysbiosis.

Symptoms Infringements microflora

Signs of a violation of the internal environment of the intestineIs a change in stool, rumbling in the abdomen, increased flatulence, constipation, allergic reactions. Dysbacteriosis is accompanied by general malaise with abdominal pain, increased fatigue and depressive states.

How to restore microflora

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - the mostA frequent cause of disturbance of microflora and the appearance of dysbiosis. Therefore, the first thing that has to be done is to find the root cause of the disease, and only then to prescribe a treatment.

To safely restore the microfloraIntestines, it is necessary to take probiotics and prebiotics. The composition of probiotics includes living cells of microorganisms. And prebiotics are a nutrient medium for the successful development and reproduction of beneficial bacteria. The maximum effect can be achieved with the simultaneous use of probiotics prebiotics. This will help you with Bifiform. In the capsules of the drug there is a useful microflora, as well as a nutrient medium in which useful bacteria multiply. The drug normalizes the microflora, activates the internal defense of the body, which protects pathogenic microbes and eliminates dysbacteriosis, resulting in increased immunity.

Drops "Hilak forte" quickly cleanse the intestinal flora, normalizing it and restoring the normal level of acidity of the stomach.

Normalization of microflora

To restore the normal number of bacteria in theThe body, you need to eat rich pectin and fiber - cereals, vegetables and fruits. Sour-milk products are very useful. Milk bacteria inhibit the expression of putrefactive bacteria and restore the balance of bacteria inside the body.

If you want to normalize the microfloraIntestines, you'll have to forget about the sweet, flour and meat. Very useful cereals and bread grind that help to normalize the stool, return the muscles of the intestine an earlier activity and restore the function of the mucosa to the suction function.

During the normalization of microflora it is useful to eat denticle before the start of the meal.

To fully restore the microflora will have to abandon energy drinks, hormonal drugs and hypnotics, which exert additional stress on the body.

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