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Exercises for the preparation for childbirth

Movements will be useful not only to you, but also not yetBorn baby. Thanks to the movements, the child inside gently rocked, but in the case of mamaized exercise and exercises stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the muscles, prevent excess weight, which in aggregate facilitates the process of childbirth.

But before starting any exercises orExercise, you can visit your doctor who is monitoring pregnancy and consult with him. If your pregnancy is normal and the doctor will allow you to perform certain exercises, weigh it again, evaluate the own strengths and only then proceed to the exercises. If from exercise you feel fatigue or sheer discomfort, then reduce the intensity of exercise, in your case you need extreme caution. Visit the doctor once more and collect more simple exercises for you that will bring you pleasure.

Exercise rules for preparation for childbirth

  • During pregnancy, any physical exercises are done at a calm pace.
  • During exercise, do not exceed the load, this can lead to damage to the relaxed joints.
  • It is necessary to do it for 40 minutes, if possible, if not, then not less than 15 minutes.
  • It was noted that the highest physical performance is observed in the periods from 10-12 days and from 18-19 pm.
  • Before you start doing the exercises,Warm up (take it for 5-10 minutes, do heavy exercises, and the next 5 minutes relaxation exercises). After a few days, the exercise can be extended to 15 minutes.
  • Any gymnastics begins with warming up exercises, and ends with relaxation-breathing exercises.
  • To eat it is necessary for an hour before the planned employment, then the organism will not burn the fats and calories necessary for the child.
  • During classes, always drink enough water, then the body will not lose any liquid.
  • While doing the exercises, count aloud, so the right breathing will be maintained.
  • Do not hold your breath while doing the exercises.
  • Exercise is recommended on a gymnastic special mat.

Let's Get Started

Can be used as a whole set of exercisesFor training for childbirth, and individual exercises taken from different complexes, it all depends on age, general health, level of fitness.

Aerobic complex

  • First we warm up - 40 sec. Walking on the spot. Next, put the stool on the floor and start exercising.
  • Shoulders are set shoulder width apart, arms forwardStraight, feet in parallel. We begin to perform springy half-squats, with hands waving down - forward, down - back. We keep the body straight and look in front of us. Exercise is done 10 times at a slow pace with even breathing.
  • We put our feet on the width of the shoulders, we raise our arms inSide, feet in parallel (starting position). Begin to lean forward, touching hands first alternately at the left toe of the foot, then right. After each inclination, it is necessary to return to the starting position. We carry out 12-14 r. In the middle tempo, breathing is not delayed.
  • The starting position is similar to the previous one,Only hands are lowered freely down, the body is kept in a half-bent state, the head is tilted forward and we try to relax the muscles of the arms and upper body as much as possible. Hold this for 3-5 seconds, then straighten up, pull your shoulders back and bend. Breath is even. Exercise is done 5-7 times at a slow pace, smoothly.
  • Hands to the sides, feet shoulder-width apart. Lean forward and turn the body to the left and right hand touch the toe of the foot, first one, then the other. We make 10-12 movements in the middle tempo, straighten out, we lower the arms and we relax the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Repeat up to 4 times.
  • The starting position is similar to the previous one. Alternately, we tilt to the right and left, while performing hand movements. We lean to the right, raise the left hand over his head, and put his right hand behind his back. Lean to the left to change the position of the hands. We perform 12 times the average tempo.
  • Feet together, arms along the trunk, feetAre closed. We lean to the left and to the right. We lean to the left, we lower the left hand, the right hand slides to the armpit, we bend to the right, the directions of the hands change. In each direction we carry out up to 12 slopes. We do not hold your breath, keep your head straight. Exercise is completed with a deep breath through the nose and exhalation through the mouth (do it several times).

Target Complex

  • It is carried out to facilitate the process of childbirth. Strengthens the abdomen, abdominal cavity and pelvic region. In the standing position, we slowly crouch down. The feet are as hard as possible on the floor. Hold in this position for 15 seconds, then stay in this position, you need to bring up to 60 seconds.
  • For the elasticity of muscles. Exercises provide mobility of the femoral and knee joints. Sit down on the floor, one leg is stretched, the other is bent at the knee. We bend the body forward and stay for 20 seconds. Straighten, repeat 5 times. Helpers can take a long towel or elastic band.
  • We unload the spine. We take a towel in our hands and wind up our head, while the elbows should be below the shoulder level. We freeze for 30 seconds, we return to the starting position. And so several times.
  • We develop endurance. We lay down on the back to the wall with the buttocks and begin to cross the wall with our feet upwards, after we spread our legs wide apart, after 30 seconds. We return to the IS.
  • To saturate breathing and oxygen. Exercise is carried out for 8-10 minutes. Standing, sitting on his knees, on a chair. We do a deep breath through our nose, breathe out deeply through the mouth.
  • For relaxation. Lie on your side or on your back. We begin to slowly relax the muscles, first the hips, then the legs, buttocks, then the stomach. Think about the pleasant and breathe quietly. If you want, you can turn on relaxing music.
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