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Tea in bags: benefits, harm, rules of use

Tea in bags: its advantages

Such teas are brewed right in the cup. And the second is that in the bags there is a dosage designed for one use. The assortment of these teas is amazing, allowing you to choose the one that is most liked by both taste and quality, and which is an acceptable price.

How did these tea bags appear??

Takuzh has developed historically, that the prototypeDosed tea was the tea, for the welding of which used special muslin bags, which were made from light and thin silk or paper tissues. Back in the early twentieth century, such bags were sold in New York by American Thomas Salivan. These days these bags are made of the newest materials, allowing to make tea so as not to affect the taste and aroma. It will be useful to learn that the best way to make tea is from a round or double bag, which is made from quality materials and has three thousand perforations.

Manufacture of tea in bags

Packed with an unconventional welding on special and veryPowerful machines. In the process of production, all the qualities of tea, which are indicators of grade, are completely preserved, for this and the bags are made of fairly large sizes. There are such producers who conscientiously pack each package in a sealed container, saving tea from the external influence of the environment.

Features of tea in bags

It is a secret that the manufacture of cheapPackaged teas are made from waste waste paper, one might say tea dust. What is tea dust? And it's just a little overdone debris, crumbling when roasting tea-leaves, and in which, alas, no longer contains any qualities that are of any use. The tea crumb does not give a rich taste and color when brewed, and it forces the producers to add dyes and flavors to the packet tea (one-off), which eliminate various flavors of paper and glue. Of course, most of the packaged teas are much harder. This is due to the fact that in integral leaves when brewing, the contacting area with water is much smaller than the area that eventually yields the area of ​​the smallest particles of tea dust. This feature of this product is used by unscrupulous producers and mixed in dust, in addition to tea, dust of crushed plants such as A sheet of poplar, oak, willow, and sometimes grass. And often in the production of tea, leaf tea is used, which has long been overdue.

Benefit and harm of batch tea

It goes without saying that without armedSpecial equipment, it is impossible to conduct an analysis of what is inside the tea bag, especially since it is in the grinded form. However, manufacturers who conscientiously refer to their work and produce high-quality goods, do not try to economize on sachets. They make them from expensive and high-quality materials and do not save at the expense of our health. Therefore, it is very important to understand that poor-quality, ideal packaging is an unacceptable means of saving on human health. Of course, counting all the manufacturers of a packet of tea is not decent, because there are many among them who order their products meet all the established requirements that provide safety for the body. After all, not only that the tea itself, but also the addition of fragrances, preservatives and colorants are of great harm to the human body. All this bunch of additives with ease will break the processes associated with the exchange of substanceism, weaken its protection functions, will give impetus to the development of cancer diseases in the body. Worse still, in the packaged tea, a large increase in the permissible concentration of fluorine, which has a negative effect on the condition of the teeth and the entire bone system.

Scientific research and its results

Researchers from America, having studied the impact onHuman body of the packaged tea, concluded that the allowable daily dose of tea in bags is no more than five cups. Thus, by limiting yourself to the amount of tea consumed, you can avoid the critical concentration of fluoride in the organism. Based on scientific evidence, it can be argued that an increased concentration of fluoride can provoke seals in the bone tissue, but at the same time increasing its fragility. The abuse of tea drinking can lead to such a disease as skeletal fluorosis, which is accompanied by painful joints and bones.

Office version of tea in bags

If you brew packet tea in plasticglasses, you can greatly undermine your health. Despite the fact that these glasses are disposable and do not need to spend time washing them, it is much safer to make tea in ceramic circles.

Do not do this at home or in the office

  1. Never drink tea, being hungry, as it irritates the mucous membrane, and this will provoke heartburn, which later can develop into an ulcer.
  2. Tea, standing after brewing for several hours, pour out without thinking, because a one-time tea is therefore called so that after a single brewing it is thrown away.
  3. Tea should not be very strong, so as not to cause disorders of the nervous system, problems with the liver and stomach.
  4. You can not drink more than five cups of tea a day,especially the elderly and pregnant. Children should not be given packet tea at all. Do not forget that in the afternoon tea can be drunk only to those people who have good health.
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