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Scottish shower: testimony, benefit, contraindications

Shower can be with variable water temperature(Eschenaetsya contrast shower), and maybe with a constant temperature. In order to prevent and treat individual diseases, the following are used: ascending rain shower, fan shower, circular and ordinary rain shower, dust shower. Also used: Scottish shower, as well as Charcot douche. These shower types are also used for cosmetic purposes. Currently, the Scottish shower as a curative procedure has gained wide popularity. It is about him that we now talk.

Scottish shower

This kind of soul is often referred to as a varietySharko's soul, however, it differs from it by its action of water: water is directed to the patient (usually jets are dense) - hot water is in one hose, and cold water comes from the other hose. The mechanical influence of the Scottish soul is powerful enough, and hot and cold jets alternate (in each hose water pressure is 2-3 atm.). The jet of water directed to the chest area of ​​the feces is, as a rule, fan and more sparing.

The Scottish shower usually starts with hot water, the temperature of which is 37aboutC, and ends 10aboutCold water. Gradually the temperature of hot water is brought to 45aboutC, and the effect of cold water begins withTwenty-five degrees - the difference in temperature, thus, by the end of the procedure it increases to thirty-five degrees. All the procedure lasts 3-6 minutes, hot water on the body is affected for about 40 seconds, cold water is exposed to 15-20 seconds, one procedure hoses cold and hot water change Approximately 5-6 times. This kind of the soul is divided into two parts: the general or the local, the latter can be performed every day, the general is carried out every other day (in some cases the general shower is prescribed by the doctor every day). When appointing a local soul, about thirty procedures are carried out, if a general view of the shower has been assigned, then about twenty procedures are carried out.

As a separate hydrotherapeutic procedureScotch throat, as a rule, is not applied, this hydrotherapy is used in complex therapy. The patient is first assigned a fan shower (in some cases douchearko), which has already become a classic kind, and only after the fan shower, when the body is already accustomed to the influence of water procedures, is appointed Scottish. If you start a Scottish shower without a fan-like shower, then the impact of the first one can lead to general stress, and then the patient instead of a positive result will have a negative persistent reaction to the curative water procedure.

Scottish shower: indications of use and benefits

This kind of shower is shown:

  • In the presence of psychogenic and nervous diseases;
  • With autonomic disorders;
  • With osteochondrosis;
  • If there is a syndrome of chronic fatigue;
  • With diseases of the intestine, stomach, liver, which are accompanied by a violation of the digestive function;
  • With a violation of the vascular tone;
  • Under stressful conditions;
  • With chronic allergic reactions;
  • With obesity and / or excess weight;
  • For sleep disorders;
  • If there are cardiovascular diseases;
  • With age changes and lethargy of the skin, sagging of the skin of the body.

Scottish shower is also prescribed in the presence of diseases of the locomotor system - pain in the sacrum and back, myositis, problems with the spine.

According to hydrotherapists, generalThe influence of the Scottish soul leads to the fact that the patient's body is on the path of full recovery: the appearance of cellulite disappears, and if there is a weight loss, then it significantly decreases.

Hydrotherapy is shown not only to people suffering fromPodkogo-or disease, but in general all people who work, because of what is constantly in a broken and tired state, which, unfortunately, in the modern world is in the order of things.

The described kind of shower is able to normalizeFunctions of the vegetative nervous system - parasympathetic and sympathetic. Moreover, it favorably affects the function of the brain - it normalizes the balance of tonica and bark.

It is worth noting that a positive effect can beWill only be reached if, in addition to the procedures of hydrotherapy, to maintain proper nutrition, walk more often outdoors, engage in virgin practices and abandon bad habits, then the way of thinking will be positive and the way of life healthy.


Scottish shower is contraindicated:

  • With mental and nervous diseases, which occur in severe form or are pronounced;
  • With ulcerative colitis;
  • With fever and / or temperature;
  • In the presence of chronic internal diseases;
  • With skin diseases;
  • During pregnancy;
  • With duodenal ulcer 12 duodenum,
  • With thrombosis and varicose veins;
  • With tuberculosis;

In certain oncological diseases and varicosity contraindications to the Scottish soul may be partial - it is not possible that the jets fall on the areas of the body that are affected by the disease.

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