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Medicamentous treatment of eczema

1) Creamy ointments, which containCorticosteroids, are considered the most effective ointments that treat eczema. They need to mop your skin lesion site. Apply cream and ointment in small quantities, because they also have a number of side effects that will negatively affect your treatment. Use these funds must be before the time until your skin does not disappear the affected area or until you stop the treatment of your doctor. For the body it is better to use an ointment to which there is 1% hydrocortisone, and for the face an ointment containing 0.5% hydrocortisone.

2) If you dry eczema, apply a better cream and ointment, which will soften and moisturize your skin. Use them should be two to three times a day, rubbing carefully into the skin.

3) Bath procedures. Most skin eczema has dry skin, while it itchs and irritates. To avoid these negative moments, it is necessary to take a bath, but only not very hot, while always using different bath oils and moisturizing creams. But take a bath for a long time, and do not use at all no soap and other foamy substances, they dry and irritate the skin.

4) Treatment with ultraviolet light is veryWell helps to move the illness back. Because with this type of treatment, the skin is in a warm and sunny climate, and it helps to cleanse your skin and in the further recovery. The radiation dose is established by the doctor, do not overdo it, because it also may have a side effect.

5) Treatment with the help of antigistamines. This type of medication is used if your eczema disease is accompanied by a large itch of the skin. When you are sleeping, you do not control your actions and scratch the affected skin. That's not to do this, before going to bed, you need to apply this drug. It, in turn, softens the level of itching and helps you to sleep peacefully without damaging your skin. Also, you better cut your regular nails during the illness, in order to avoid any kind of skin damage, if you get it off.

6) Treated with antibiotics. This treatment is used in the event that your skin has weakened and has become less healthy. Simply healthy skin acts as a barrier to mocking bacteria, which are always on our hands. To prevent bacteria from harming your skin, check your skin with a doctor and use antibiotics in appropriate cases, so you can help skin fight with bacteria.

There is also a large number of examples whenPeople got sick with eczema because of food, which often occur in our diet. These are products such as chicken, chicken eggs, cow's milk, wheat. To check what exactly you are allergic to, you must first abandon the use of all of the above types of products, and then consistently take one type in turn, and in any way determine what kind of product you are allergic to. After determining which one, After that, you better refuse to take food for good.

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