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Relaxing gymnastics to control emotions

As a rule, each of us from day to day livesIn the constant state of stress, the reasons for which can be very different: nervous about the work, not everything goes well in your personal life, problems with friends, etc. Often, many of us without soothing, even for a couple of minutes, can not lie down and doze off. Based on this, it is still necessary to find alternative methods that can help to get out of this state. Gymnastics, through which you can control your emotions - what you need!

So, if you have experienced an emotional overload,We recommend two or three times a week in the evenings to perform thistunikalny complex of exercises. Based on the ancient techniques of yoga, it will certainly help you in just 20 minutes to remove the accumulated muscular tension, bring your thoughts into full order and calmly fall asleep.

It should be noted that all of the followingExercises, it is necessary to perform in the reclining on the bed or sofa position the sounds of quiet relaxing music (for these purposes, sounds of noise, birdsong, the rustle of forest foliage or the surf of waves of the ocean) are perfect. It should be noted that this complex should be carried out under the "guidance" of your positional thoughts and memories. It is not necessary at the time of exercise to fill your mind with negative or twofold thoughts and experiences!

Exercise 1

Necessarily we lay down on a back (by the way,Use of pillows is strictly prohibited!), Close your eyes, stretch straight and straight hands so that they are located along the body and a few minutes as evenly and deeper breathe. By the way, at this moment, it is necessary to submit something that causes us the greatest positive and positive emotions. We inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. After the other: inhalation through the mouth, and exhalation - through the nose!

Exercise 2

We continue to breathe evenly, but slowly, butStrongly we need to squeeze the left hand, educate the hand, stretch the whole straight hand and mentally count to seven. After that, so the bridegroom leisurely, we relax the hand and return to our starting position. This exercise is recommended to be performed twice for each of the hands!

Exercise 3

Now we take our left foot and pull itTo yourself. At the same time, you need to remember to use the muscles of the calves and the buttocks of their immediate tension. Again, mentally need to count up to the time. This exercise should be repeated for each of the legs twice.

Exercise 4

We should use the pelvic muscles, straining them. To this end, we must raise our pelvis meaningfully to the already beloved figure "seven"! Such an exercise must be repeated three times.

Exercise 5

We need to stoop, then tighten ourShoulders and then tear them from the bed. In order for the exercise to work out as best as possible, it is necessary to imagine, at the moment of raising our shoulders, that we are dragging ourselves upwards. Avot now at the expense of eight, we completely relax and finally come back to its original position. It is necessary to repeat this exercise at least eight times.

Exercise 6

We need a very strong and tangible strain the musclesNeck and at this moment raise your head. After that, at the expense of eight, we must return to the situation of ours. Repeat the exercise is recommended three times.

Exercise 7

We pass to the muscles of the face. We raise eyebrows and how strong we can tighten the muscles of the forehead. After seven seconds completely relax. Now we have to close our eyes with all our might, and after seven seconds return to the original position. We squeeze our lips. This must be done so that our lips are tightly compressed. At this very moment, you must very positively try to smile. After seven minutes you can relax. Again calmly breathing evenly.

In case if the whole complex of exercisesWas performed correctly, you can certainly feel a full and deep relaxation. And in an instant you can immerse yourself in a calm and carefree. Therefore, do not be lazy to devote very little time to this and this dynamic complex, and your emotional state will always be stable and resistant to stressful situations!

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