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All you need to know about the perfect dream

According to the professor and employee of SomnologicalCenter of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Alexander Vein, people have completely ceased to sleep as much as the body requires. Jan Hindmarch, the head of the university's department in Glorford, Surrey, believes that the normal duration of sleep should be between 3 and 9 hours. But in reality everything is not quantitative, but in its quality. Whether we get enough sleep or not depends first of all on a number of circumstances, which directly affect sleep - the temperature of the air in the bedroom, the regime of the day and the ringing of the alarm clock. If you are unhappy with how you sleep, try to change at least some of these factors.

Bed rest

In bed it is necessary to go to bed only in those hours,when the dream brings the greatest impact, says the same professor Vein. He offers a special system that has been tested by a huge number of volunteers. Its essence lies in the fact that a person who has calculated the mode of personal sleep to the smallest detail, will get enough sleep for four hours, using all the remaining time of the day for an energetic life.

Action plan

Draw a "sleepiness schedule", while depriving yourself ofSleep for a whole day. When you wake up at eleven o'clock in the morning, wait until midnight comes and watch your condition. Take a separate sheet of paper and note the time of the next drowsiness attack (estimate the intensity on a three-point scale). To make the experiment "clean", try to hold out until twelve o'clock the next night. As a result, you will be able to get a schedule in which two major periods of drowsiness will be indicated: day and night. If you lie down in one of these periods and sleep four hours, it will be much easier for you to cheer up, rather than do it after spending a whole night in bed. So you just have to come up with a plan for what you now need to spend 20 hours, which are freed from sleep .

Raising forces

In order for your body very quickly and easilyCould move from sleep to activity, start your morning with music and special exercises. The complex of such exercises must necessarily include respiratory gymnastics, stretching, dancing movements and aerobic exercise - tilting, walking, etc. It's a good idea to take up the yoga and oriental practices - 15 minutes, which you will spend in "disarmed" (sava ​​dignity), perfectly replace the whole three hours of night sleep.

Sleepy Perfume

In the program for the perfect dream, an excellent rolePlays vitamin B6, which is abundantly contained in shrimp, salmon, banana, lentils and potatoes. His ally is Vitamin A, which you can find in abundance in tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, broccoli and liver. Powerful remedies that soothe, possess passionflowers, hops, valerian, medicinal melissa, St. John's wort and litter - all these herbs should be used in a special decoction. In addition to this in pharmacies you can search for teas, of course, they are more expensive, but all the herbs are in line with the required proportions. You just need to pour the sticks of this collection with boiling water.

Well, if you want to immediately cheer up and get a new wave of energy, drink a liqueur, ginseng or eleutherococcus.

Spa as the source of the perfect sleep

Never neglect salon procedures, because they help not only to effectively take care of your body, but also to relax completely. And the best friends of a good dream are:


You are in a convenient location go to the bath,stimulating additives and filled with sea water. Then you do a manual underwater massage. The pressure equal to five atmospheres is absolutely not sensitive, but it brings its result.

Stone therapy

Massage with hot stones of volcanic origin perfectly relaxes.

Water relaxation

This rest lasts two hours. In this period of time, you do pilling and seaweed wrapping with special oil.

Moroccan Bath

This way of fatigue is suitable for two - invite a girlfriend and fight for a good one.

Neither light nor zorya

Classical illness of all travelersit is customary to consider a jetlag or a malfunction in an organism that occurs as a result of a disturbance of the regime caused by long (transatlantic) flights and sudden changes in time zones. The main symptoms of this ailment is considered to be constant drowsiness or obsessive insomnia, disorientation in time, migraines, confusion and even indigestion.

If you need to spend more than 4hours, take measures so that it does not negatively affect your health. A hormone melatonin can help you to get rid of jetlag, which can be obtained in sufficient quantity by visiting the solarium. By the way, to stimulate all the internal reserves of the body, it is necessary to visit a session of acupuncture or acupressure.

A few days before the upcoming flightstick to a neutral diet. Also, do not forget to alternate between a short nap and a relaxed period of wakefulness, for example, sleep every five hours every 4 hours.

Trap for dreams

Often our dream can be ideal because ofthat we are tormented by nightmares or full of vagueness of anxious dreams. Constantly picking their meaning in the dream book, nothing more than a waste of time, because the same dream can be treated quite differently depending on the circumstances and the person. As Freud said: "The source of all dreams is internal or external irritation." Following this, the interpretation of dreams should be the deciphering of the "psychological chain": childhood memories, impressions received for the day of experience.

Do not betray the huge importance of "typicaldreams ": almost every second child has tooth loss, flights in the sky and walks in the naked state to the poles ... The reason for such dreams, according to Freud, is the action of external stimulants - a blanket that has fallen asleep during sleep, a toothache, a sharp sound, a hand thrown back. So, giving importance to such dreams, you simply simply lose the ability to ideally have a good sleep; Going to bed, you begin to feel yourself with fair ideas that a particular dream has a direct relationship to your life and future.

Finally, analyze all the circumstances,at which you fall asleep and make for yourself a special conclusion. If it's hard for you to figure out what's wrong with your ideal sleep, consult a psychologist who can identify the reason for your lack of sleep. Remember that there are sleep disorders that need to be treated with the help of a medication course of therapy.

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