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Interesting facts about coughing, and its treatment

Is it necessary to fight?

We often use the phrase"Fight with a cough," but in fact it is, in fact, wrong. These words only it very well reflect our attitude to coughing - we all think that this is something harmful, that above this "evil" for health we must definitely win. The truth is that cough is a saving reflex, by means of which the body restores the patency of the airways filled with viscous and viscous sputum.

Sputum is constantly formed even in healthyPeople in the trachea and bronchi and serves to purify the respiratory tract. Together with this sticky substance, viruses, microbes, various minute foreign particles that constantly enter the body during inspiration are removed. But as soon as the inflammation develops under the influence of viruses, the amount of sputum increases dramatically. Its number from a hundred milliliters (in a healthy adult) reaches a liter and more! In addition, it becomes very viscous, so that the body can not cope with its removal.

About a problem with deducing of a sputum speaks drycough. Especially often they suffer from children. These are the characteristics of the children's respiratory system, that respiratory diseases develop much faster in them than in adults. And since the cough reflex in young children is not developed enough, it is difficult for them to cough up viscous viscous sputum. In this situation, the body needs help.

How correctly to be treated?

All medicines for coughAre divided into three large groups: drugs that suppress the cough reflex, mucolytics and expectorants. Medications that suppress the cough reflex can affect either the cough center inside the brain, or the special receptors in the lungs. They can be used only on the written recommendation of a doctor, it is not recommended to combine them with expectorants. Such drugs are able to quickly get rid of a cough, however, the very reason for it - inflammation in the airways - they do not work.

Expectorants dramatically increase productionPhlegm. As a result, it liquefies and is much easier to excrete from the body. Among them, most of the natural preparations created on the extracts of medicinal plants (mukaltin, pectusin, different pork collections). It is very important to remember that any medicinal plants are not harmless at all. They often cause severe allergies, which today are more and more common in children and adults.

Mucolytic drugs are capable of alteringSputum structure - they make it less viscous, so that it is easily and quickly evacuated from the respiratory tract. Cough does not disappear, but it becomes productive and, having fulfilled its "work", quickly subsides. A person recovers faster, his condition improves noticeably. Mucolytics affect sputum by targeted, which is why they are so widely used today for treating cough in both children and adults.

These drugs are produced in differentForms, which greatly facilitates their application. There are, for example, ATSTS in the form of tablets that are taken only once a day (it is intended only for adults), but there are also granules from which it is easy to prepare syrup (this is for children). It is important to remember that it is necessary to take such a preparation and especially give a small child 2-3 hours before bedtime. So you will have enough time to cough up phlegm.

Folk remedies and all kinds ofVegetative broths when coughing sometimes really help, but treat them with caution. It is very difficult to keep the dosage with self-preparation, besides, the effect from the action of many of them is under big question. Also remember - the herbs are very allergens! We can not discount the risk of an allergic reaction (especially in children).

Antibiotics are also useful for coughing, but only inIf the cold has given bacterial complications. With a viral infection, any antibiotics are useless! In any case, only a doctor can prescribe such medicines. This is more serious than it seems - self-medication is inappropriate here.

For the speediest cessation of cough, it is not importantOnly to be treated with the right drugs, but also to drink more. It is also necessary to moisten the air in the apartment. In the cold due to central heating, humidity in our apartments is only about 5% - this is fatal for mucous membranes. You can spoil it for yourself forever - then colds will be overtaken several times a year. In addition, dry air irritates the airways, preventing them from cleaning.

And if it's not a cold?

Did you know that coughing occurs not only whenCold. He can be under stress or in a situation where a person feels uneasy. There are already needed not expectorant medicines, but auto-training and soothing. The main feature of this cough is the absence of attacks in the evening and at night.

Cough can also signal a heart attack.Insufficiency. With heart problems, cough usually begins in a recumbent position, when the heart does not cope with its work - then the body begins to suffer from a lack of air. Cough that coincided with the appearance of a pet in the house (especially birds) should immediately alert you. Canaries and parrots, for example, are able to withstand severe pulmonary infections. Treat in this case will have you, and a feathered friend.

Buying new furniture, clothes, household itemsCan also lead to the development of an allergic cough. To check up simply - remove for a while the prospective allergen, and cough at once will pass. Usually allergies are accompanied, in addition to cough, and other symptoms. Most often it's a runny nose and watery eyes. If they are mixed with heavy breathing with wheezing, then this is already an asthmatic manifestation. Immediate medical attention is required.

Cough, in any case, can not be ignored. To find out its cause and start treatment is already at the first symptoms. Then it will be much easier to cope with the disease, and it will be possible to completely forget about the cough very soon.

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