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Causes of hypolactia and what to do

Causes of hypolactia

Lactation is affected by many factors, in the role ofOne of them is the psychological attitude of the mother. You should have a real desire to raise your baby. You clearly should understand, not only at the level of literature, but also at the subconscious level, that milk is the best food for a baby, which is necessary for full development and good health. There are also situations when Mom simply worries excessively that she will not have milk, and this, naturally, also has a negative effect on his production.

Hypolactation can occur in malnourished childrenOr suffering from the exhaustion of women. This means that you need to carefully monitor your diet and listen to the recommendations of doctors. Today in the media you can find a mountain of useful information on how to feed your mother properly to regulate her regime. Just remember always that each person is an individual, and his body requires a special approach to himself. So reading reading is different, and consultations with specialists have not been canceled yet.

For full lactation it is necessary to work out andDrinking regime. Considering the fact that daily breastfeeding mother gives out 800-900 ml of milk, it is worth about how much to increase the volume of consumed liquid. Drink tea, milk, juices, compotes, etc., but, as they say, do not bend the stick - do not increase the volume of liquid by more than one liter. Many people are of the opinion that the more you drink in your diet, the more milk will be produced. The question is certainly controversial, because the nursing mother should think not only about the amount of breast milk, but also about its qualitative characteristics. If you drink too much liquid, then in milk there will be less protein, fat, vitamin and mineral components vital for the child's body.

Hypolactation can occur in women,Taking contraceptive pills that contain estrogen. In this situation, it is advised to switch to other contraceptives, having previously gone to an appointment with a gynecologist.

Sometimes girls have problems with milk productionHave a temporary character, and are called lactation crises. Usually they are on the third-tenth and twentieth-thirtieth day after delivery, and also in the third month after the beginning of feeding. Do not rush to transfer the baby to artificial mixtures. Apply it to your chest as often as possible, it will have a positive effect.

Methods to combat hypolactization

To cope with hypolactization, one can applySpecial beverages on a plant basis, the recipes of which are listed below. They can be prepared independently at home, but consult your doctor first.

Cream with cumin

One glass of cream is poured into a ceramic vessel,Add two tablespoons of cumin seeds, mix thoroughly, cover tightly and put in the oven, where the whole thing languishes within thirty to forty minutes. Drink taken after cooling twice a day for half a cup.

Juice from dandelion leaves

Fresh young dandelion leaves wellWashed (crushed with meat grinder), squeezed the juice and added the juice to taste, after which they are allowed to stand for about thirty to forty minutes. Take the drink in small sips on half a cup once or twice a day.

Infusion of anise

Two teaspoons of anise seeds are poured into 200 ml of boiling water and insisted for an hour. Take the drink chilled for two tablespoons two to three times a day.

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