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The benefits of omega-3 for human health

PUFAs such as omega-3 are essential. These are those unsaturated fatty acids that the body is unable to produce on its own. It is very important that these acids are necessary for the body not for energy production as a result of physical loads, but for the full functioning of many organisms, namely: cardiovascular, nervous, immune.

Omega-3 is one of the most popular drugs inUSA. Omega-3 is a high-quality fish oil, there are polyunsaturated fatty acids: deca-hexaenoic (DHA) and epoxy-EPA, which the body does not produce, but receives with food.

The role of omega-3 in the diet of an adult

Today is the percentage of cardiovascularDiseases in the overall structure of all causes of mortality among the majority of countries in North America and Europe reached a rate of 50%. It is also known that the nutrition of a modern person often consists of snacks, in which the proportion of vitamins, minerals and vital substances is negligible. Consequently, the body receives less of the material that is necessary for its normal functioning.

Numerous scientific studies have shown thatOmega-3 plays a positive role in the cardiovascular system. Preparations of omega-3 are effective as an auxiliary therapy of hypertension, thrombosis, immunodeficiency diseases, bronchial asthma, skin diseases. Omega-3 is actively involved in cholesterol and fat metabolism, helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, has an antioxidant effect. The intake of omega-3 in the body contributes to the normal activity of the nervous system, that is, the brain, provides a rapid transfer of nervous impulses, and, therefore, promotes good memorization.

Omega-3 promotes a better absorption of magnesium and calcium, reduces the viscosity of the blood, possesses a protective properties, stimulates immunity.

The role of omega-3 in the diet of children

PUFA omega-3 is very necessary for normal developmentGrowing organism, beginning with the earliest development of intrauterine life. Omega-3 has the property of penetrating the placental barrier, providing a full development of the central nervous system in the fetus.

And in the recent past, many parents gave theirCubs of cod liver oil, so that there is no rickets. They just started talking about the most important benefit of fish oil because of the maintenance of the omega-3. Considering the fact that the child develops all organs and systems very quickly, fish oil plays a huge role in the diet.

Thus, the main benefit of rule 3, the mainA component of fish oil in the diet of children is to ensure the proper development of the brain, stimulating intellectual development and improving memory.

To date, the frequent occurrence of violationsDevelopment is a manifestation in children of the deficit of attention and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). So, thanks to omega-3, it is possible to reduce the severity of this syndrome in children.

What is the difference between the preparations of omega-3 and fish oil?

Fish-liver are all fat-soluble substances,Accumulating in the liver of fish. Omega-3 by all rules is extracted from the body fat of fish, and not from the fat of the liver, i.e. This drug with increased concentration of omega-3.

Which manufacturer to trust?

The market for biologically active additives is soIt is great that it is difficult to decide which manufacturer to give preference to in choosing. The usual pharmacy fish oil is an inexpensive and affordable product, but at the same time, the quality at this price is always embarrassing. In addition, in the fish oil, the proportion of omega-3 is negligible to obtain therapeutic benefits. A large consumption of fish oil can lead to kinetoxication, in particular because of the content of vitamins A and D. Quality-3 can not be cheap, at the same time, buying an expensive drug, there is no guarantee that you have bought a quality one. Before buying, do not be fully informed about the "experience" of the manufacturer on the market. It is important to know in which country the firm is registered and it is necessary to find out what level of quality control is carried out. It is important to know that quality control according to the GMP standard is a high level of assessment of production parameters and product quality.

Thus, the presence of mego-3 in the dietNutrition for both children and adults is very important for maintaining and maintaining health. Pregnant women also should not forget about the benefits of PUFA in the diet, at the same time it is worth knowing that 2-3 weeks before the birth, you can not eat omega-3, because it has the property of thinning the blood, which is not desirable during childbirth. That is, everything in life needs a measure and a correct approach. Be healthy and take responsibility for what you eat!

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