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What should one eat to be energetic?

Sprouted grains (sprouts) of wheat, legumes: soybeans, beans, alfalfa and lentils

Incredible benefits and energy source for the body are sprouts of wheat and legumes. They purify the body of harmful toxins and toxins, improve metabolism, increase immunity.

To germinate grains is simple, for this it follows theirRinse, lay on a baking tray, pour warm water, which should only fill the seeds a little and leave overnight at room temperature. In the morning, rinse the grain, pour fresh water and cover with a cotton napkin. Twice a day - change the water in the morning and in the evening. Wheat germ will be ready for use after one and a half days. Sprout sprouts will appear on the second day, and eat them better on the fourth. Remove the peeled peel of the grain.

Sprouted grains are best eaten fresh inSalads or add to ready meals, you can prepare useful casseroles. It is especially useful to use sprouts for breakfast, charging with energy for the whole day.

Brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast is a deposit of vitamins of vitamin-like substances (B1, B2, PP, pantothenic acid, B6, vitamin D, etc.), minerals including chromium, zinc, sulfur, copper, magnesium, phosphorus.

To be vigorous and energetic all day, drink every morning drink, consisting of a teaspoon of brewer's yeast and fruit juice.

Dog-rose fruit

Rosehip fresh or dried leaves contain a few times more vitamin C than the citrus fruits.

Use purified ripe fruits of red color, dark reds are valuable, do not subject them to any culinary heat treatment, since the whole process of vitamin C disappeared.

Dried fruits and nuts

This is the ideal food for snacking and recharging by energy. They have a lot of useful and valuable properties. However, if the body is overweight, use nuts in a small amount.

Seeds of pumpkin, sunflower and zucchini

These seeds are quickly and easily absorbed by the body, with this very rich in oils, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Use them better in a natural or dried form, you can add rastolchennymv powder in soups or salads.

Dairy products

Sour-milk products are saturated with vitamins of animal origin B12, A, D, helping to quickly assimilate proteins, and they contain beneficial bacteria.

Eat sour-milk products prepared in pure cultures.


Contain all necessary for lifeMineral salts, a large amount of iodine, as well as a very valuable variety of vitamin K-phylloquinone, which regulates the functions of the liver and increases muscle vigor.

Use seaweed dishes, salad "Sea kale" for healthy food.


Sbiten is a toning drink consisting of honey syrups of spices. It improves mood and restores strength. Drink this drink of instant vivacity and energy hot.

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