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Adele's Syndrome


The story of the life of the heroine, whose name was namedDisease, very sad. Adele Hugo, daughter of the famous French writer, suffered from unrequited love for the British officer Albert Pinson. Contemporaries characterized Adele as a clever and talented woman, who could have a brilliant future, because she inherited from her father only a name, but also a literary talent. Unfortunately, she devoted all her energy to persecution of her lover. As a service, Pinson was transferred to Canada, then to India, and everywhere Adele was in love with him. Though it was not love anymore, but an all-consuming obsession.

Adele never got married, she did not have a family,She finished her life in a shelter for the mentally ill at the age of 85. But it seems that in reality the life of poor Adele ended even earlier when she was about thirty and she went to far Canada, pursuing Pinson. She wrote letters to Albert, called herself his wife. By his actions, Adele upset his engagement with the daughter of the priest. Eventually, having squandered all the money, she led a miserable existence on the island of Borneo, where Pinson served, until she was found and returned to France.


Syndrome of Adelix differs from usual undividedLove. When a person not only experiences a strong emotional attachment to his chosen one, and his feelings begin to guide his whole life, this is already an occasion to sound an alarm. If the state is started, then it is already impossible to leave it independently.

The victims of Adelie's syndrome are basicallyWomen. The age, appearance or social status does not matter. It is erroneous to assume that only unattractive women are obsessed with undivided feelings. Often, the victim of this syndrome falls in love with someone who is not known to her as a couple and who will not be able to build relationships with anyone else. Psychologists say that subconsciously unhappy lovers and do not want real relationships that can quickly destroy their illusion.

The victim of Adelie's syndrome can be identified by insaneActs that she does in the name of a non-existent love. But while everything is just beginning, Adelie's syndrome is well disguised as usual. The first vivid symptom of mental disorder - all thoughts revolve only around the people. A person can neither think nor talk about anything other than the object of lust. As a result, friends gradually disappear from his life, and the lack of communication in turn only aggravates the state.

In patients suffering from the syndrome, Adela often changesMood from a severe depressive, to euphoric joy. Begin problems with sleep, lose appetite. The victim is so absorbed in the feeling that he is not able to do housework, does not cope with service duties. She completely cut herself off from the outside world, and at the same time everything that is connected with her beloved becomes extremely important. Distinguishing details like postcards, random photographs are carefully stored and preserved, as a symbol of love.


Adele's syndrome is an affectionate relationship, andIt acts on a person as well as alcohol, nicotine or narcotic and leads to the same deplorable consequences. But if a person shows enough willpower and desire, he can independently rid himself and his loved ones from suffering.

So, since the main cause of all ills isObsession with one person, it follows from it to be abstracted, however hard it was. Shaw was convinced that we suffer because we have plenty of time to speculate naskolkonam bad. Therefore, you should organize your life in such a way that there is as little free time as possible. Find yourself a hobby, start learning something new, for example languages, go to riding classes. The main thing is that your occupation is absolutely new for you and requires full return.

To get rid of obsessive thoughts, driveaway memories. Urgently get rid of everything that was associated with the object of lust: letters, messages in the phone, photos, postcards. Try to avoid places where you were together. Often an unrequitedly loved person seems to be an ideal, without any flaws, but this is not at all the case. Try to remember about his shortcomings, probably this is the only time when it is useful to remember all-weather and quarrels. Finally, try to be selfish, and think how beneficial your relationship was, and who in fact won from their break.

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