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Spirulina for weight loss: is there an effect?

Spirulina is a blue-greenMicro-algae. Its fibers are folded into a so-called spiral, it is simultaneously a plant capable of photosynthesis, and at the same time a bacterium. In nature, it is distributed in alkaline lakes (Africa, Mexico, China). It grows pretty quickly, you can tell by the hour. On the water surface, spirulina forms dense masses, but if they become dense enough to not pass the light that is necessary for photosynthesis, then the growth of these algae begins to stop. There are, also, spirulina farms in which the mass of algae is mixed with specially designed blades in order to not slow down the growth. And as a result, algae grow so quickly that they exceed any agricultural crop, even corn and soybeans. The rate is so impressive that the UN in its projects to combat hunger calls spirulina the food of the future. If you think about it theoretically, then a small pond can feed a population of 60,000 people.

When creating dietary supplements, these algae are dried,Then press, since spirulina in the natural state is not preserved for a long time. And in the dried form, since ancient times, it is used vpishchu. There is an opinion that spirulina has medicinal properties, and they began to study from the time they became familiar with the life of the tribe kanemb, which lives in Africa on the shores of Lake Chad. As it turned out, the tribe is constantly feeding on spirulina. Representatives of the tribe collect this plant from the lake surface, dry it in the sun, then make cakes from it - "dihe". This product serves as the basis for the sauce, which they seasoned with special dishes, prepared from pras. Dried "dihe" is ground, pour water, salt, add tomatoes and chilli pepper. If you believe the Africans, then "dihe" replaces them and fish, and even meat? In the event that hunting or fishing failed.

It turns out that the nutritional value of spirulina is notLess than umyas, eggs or milk, since it contains 70% of the protein that contains all amino acids necessary for a person. In beef, as it turned out, protein is less than three times. The protein found in spirulina is much easier and more quickly assimilated by the human organism due to the special structure of the cells of this alga.

Advertising descriptions of dietary supplements with the presence of spirulinaPromise weight loss for 20 days, and weight, according to promises, if you take this drug, should go down by 6-15 kg, and fat deposits of the allergic area and on the stomach for 40 days. Involuntarily the question arises: what are the chemical substances entering spirulina that stimulate this result?

In addition to protein, spirulina contains approximately 2000Active substances - it's vitamins, iamino acids, and minerals, and enzymes. The glycogen content provides an organization of energy, tyrosine slows down aging and prevents graying, cystine regulates the state of the pancreas, arginine cleanses blood from toxins of the ishlaks, thiamine strengthens the nervous system. The most valuable active substance vpiririna is considered to be phycocyanin - it is a pigment necessary for algal cells, and thanks to which photosynthesis is carried out. Phycocyanin in humanorganism manifests itself as a powerful antioxidant, able to prevent the development of cancer cells. Therefore spirulina is used in the treatment of such diseases as anemia and radiation sickness.

However, to rely on the burning of excess fats,Thanks to the active ingredients spirulina, not worth it. Spirulina will help regulate the metabolism. The presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids in it will affect the stability of blood sugar and cholesterol. In the event that the fattening is a consequence of an incorrect metabolism, then spirulina has very tangible benefits, that is, it normalizes the wrong metabolism. But if the cause of excess weight in the systematic malnutrition and the lack of mobility of life, then in this case spirulina can not help.

The sellers of the capsules are argued by the fact that spirulina,Which has an increased protein content, has the ability to dull the feeling of hunger, if a person observes a diet, but at the same time replenishes the body with all the components necessary for a full-fledged life. This statement is rather controversial, because the person feels the saturation not from the nutrients contained in the tablets, but from the food that is in the stomach.

Wave of weight loss from spirulina already experienced by ChinaAnd America. All this served as an occasion for Chinese and American scientists to conduct various studies in order to reveal the properties of spirulina, contributing to weight loss. In 2008, Chinese scientists tested a popular American dietary supplement, which includes spirulina, in mice. It became clear that the metabolism in rodents did not change, which means that it does not affect people either. The Ministry of Health of America conducted a study of volunteers. Subjects felt lowering cholesterol and stabilizing blood pressure. However, their weight did not decrease.

Conclusion one - spirulina is very useful, sheIs an element of a healthy diet and a source of vitamins and active substances, but alas, it has nothing to do with losing weight. So, it is better to study the composition of the magic mean in detail, and then make a decision about the purchase.

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