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Holotropic breathing method of Stanislav Grof

Such a breath (holotropic) was invented by a psychologistStanislavGrof in the 70s of the last century. In 1975, StanislavGrof, together with his wife, invented a method of special breathing, which is holotropic, so that a person can immerse himself in an excellent conventional conscious state without resorting to LSD and other substances that are forbidden to use. The state of consciousness in a changed form is conditioned by changes in the subjective experiences of the patient, which are compared with the usual and normal for him - these data are studied in psychology. Samtermin Holotropic formed from the roots of the Greek words holos and trepein, which means a movement towards wholeness.

Holotropic breathing, what is it?

This technique involves a change in breathing,That is, his natural rhythm. The patient is given a rhythm of deep or more rapid breathing, which leads to hyperventilation of the lungs, carbon dioxide is evacuated from the blood, the vessels of the brain narrow, braking begins in the cerebral cortex, and this stimulates the activation of the subcortex. According to the invention of Grof, all this contributes to the awakening to life and the repression of the unconscious experiences. This can even cause hallucinations. To load a person into the right state, you need to use a whole complex of influences-acceleration of the rhythm of his breathing, exposure to specific music and other different forms for working with the human body. Usually the trainings are conducted in groups, but it is also possible to conduct pair lessons - the first of a pair is a cheholonaut who breathes as prescribed by the technique, and the other is called a work, that is, an assistant.

Process weight loss

We all know that fat is burned by oxygen. Supporters of this method of breathing believe that it assists in physical and spiritual cleansing. Of course, this method is designed not just for weight loss, its objectives are much larger. Despite this, some adherents of this method note that their weight has normalized and the overall condition of the figure has improved noticeably. And if you simplify this technique, then everything that is required of you is often an iglubo breathe, just do not forget that all this Must pass under the supervision of a specialist. Taking the right position, you breathe under the sound of music and perform special exercises, using the right breathing. This will result in the removal of the metabolic product from the body, for example, carbon dioxide. Muscle contractions accompanying this process will form a press and a beautiful posture, pulled up to the skin. This usually takes 1,5-2 hours. Such a breathing method has been practiced in yoga for many years, however holotropic breathing is a modified version of psychoanalysis.

Breathless respiration

If one could use this methodLose weight, improve physical data, and even cope with mental problems, then this method would be considered a panacea. Even if we consider that such a breathing can theoretically solve many problems, there is also a reverse side of this medal. Let us first consider the method from the point of view of science. Unfortunately, Grof's theory is hotly criticized by the science of science, considering this doctrine as pseudoscience.

And what does classical science say about this? Rinard Minkaleev (head of the department at the National Institute of Health) warned that the method, which is the invention of Grof, develops a complete degradation of the brain with all the ensuing consequences. In addition, hyperventilation of the lungs makes a person highly suggestible, and the facilitator during the training has the opportunity to get the patient to see what he (the patient) wants to see and assure him of the truthfulness of what he saw.

In any case, any deviation from naturalNormavlyaetsya harmful to humans - both asphyxiation and oxygen oversaturation. That's why this method can not be practiced, being at home, and even vodonochestve. Some try to compare holotropic breathing with the use of narcotics, since during such breathing the human brain is trying various hallucinations - they can be strong and bright, they can also cause a state of addiction to what they see. By the way, the brightness of the hallucinations contributes to the state of health. For example, the probability is increased in those people who have a slight hypertension of pulmonary arteries. There is also something that is hushed up-it is a danger that during the cold-blooded session, some patients have a full stop of breathing. There is information from the psychologist Molchanov that in America the critics of this method proved the death of five children in a moment of respiration. Only now it is not specified whether this corresponds to the fact that the gypsy originated from holotropic breathing or from other similar currents.

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