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What should be the size of portions?

A portion can be called a conditional quantityunits, for each product specifically. Dietitian portions are developed so that a person can exercise control over their diet. After all, the normal life of the human body requires replenishment of proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, provided that all this will correspond to the necessary proportions. Dietitians in their recommendations take into account these needs and advise that the use of certain amounts of servings is normal.

Of course, the size of the portion can be determined,using a small home scales, but what if they are simply not at hand? In this case, the portion should be determined by eye, as it is not for nothing that they say that it is an eye-diamond.

Let's try to calculate the size of the standard portion size for most of the products:

Meat - beef, pork, lamb, poultry. In this category of portions there can be not only a meat product, but also, for example, fish. About one ounce is 30 grams, such is a portion of cooked meat or fish. It can be a cutlet, steak or other meat dish, the size and thickness of which should look like a palm (fingers, of course, are not taken into account). You can compare with the deck of playing cards. Only here a person eats about sixty to ninety grams at a time, which is approximately the size of two hands or two packs of cards. Nutritionists recommend on the day five to seven ounces of meat, preferably a steak, fish or poultry, and this is somewhere two or three servings or 150-200 grams. If you take a one-pound of meat, then it can be compared to two tablespoons of peanut butter, a half-small cup of legumes or one egg.

Cereal and flour products per day can beUse one or two servings. A portion of pasta or porridge (oatmeal, buckwheat, pearl barley, millet) is a small cup, that is 250 grams. An exception can be considered rice - one serving of it is 100 grams, visually this amount can be compared with a puck.

Bran and various flakes - a portion of this product is three quarters of a glass. And if this mixture is mixed with milk, then it will settle, and half the glass will already be obtained.

A portion of bread can be considered a small pieceabout thirty grams - its thickness is one centimeter, and the size resembles a plastic card. It is better to eat bread from whole grains, since it is an additional source of vegetable fiber, which is also necessary for a person. In one serving, you can include a small bun, a cake, a patty, half a hamburger, two or three pieces of cracker, one small roll, a one-disc, the size of a CD.

Fruits and vegetables a day should be consumed fromTwo dootyreh portions. You should limit yourself to eating sweet fruits, such as grapes. One portion of this category of products can be designated for example - one medium-sized apple, one banana or orange, slices of croutons or watermelon, half a glass of berries, a quarter of a glass of dried fruits, one glass of forest berries, half a mango or grapefruit, one small potato, half a glass of crumbled or fried vegetables , One glass of spinach. Also, in this category there may be juices from fruits and vegetables. One serving of any juice is three-quarters of a glass.

Cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, milk - the fat content of theseproducts should be low or moderate. The recommended portion of products in this category is as follows: nursing, pregnant and teenagers should consume three portions, one of which consists of an average cup of milk, fifty grams of cheese, sixty grams of cottage cheese or a small jar of yogurt.

As for nuts, nutritionists consider onea portion of a few or thirty grams, it's about one small handful of a child's hand. Nuts can be attributed to high-calorie foods, so you can abuse them.

Vegetable oils and fats. These products should be used in strictly limited quantities. On the day, you can let a small slice of a sandwich butter and one teaspoonful of vegetable.

Confectionery products can be consumed evenof the above-mentioned fats. So, a portion of ice cream should be measured, comparing it with a ball of stsenis. As for all the products that contain sugar, then their requirement is very tough-try to minimize.

First, watch your food, evaluatethe visual size of your portion that you use and draw conclusions, is there any benefit to how much you eat? And maybe it's worth adjusting your norms?

It should be borne in mind that the bulk ofeaten by the food should be for the pre-dinner period - this means that in the evening hours, that is, before going to bed, portions need to be made small and they consist mainly of low-calorie and easily digestible foods.

In addition, the portion size for those people, the goalwhich simply maintain their weight at the desired level, will be significantly different from those servings that are provided for people who want to lose weight.

You should be guided by the following rule: if two-thirds of a natarete is taken by whole-grain foods or vegetables, and meat, fish or a bird is one-third of this dish, then you are on the right track.

So the portion itself helps to determine the right amount of right foods, and this is the first step to proper nutrition, as well as the control of your weight.

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