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Japanese Shiatsu Point Shiatsu (Shiatsu)

Shiatsu (Shiatsu) is a rather young type of massage,Which originated in the past century. Also, it can be noted that it is a modern, original variant of amma massage. Amma is a traditional Japanese massage, used for many centuries in the medicine of the East.

TakiyuroNamiokoshi is the founder of the JapaneseNational shiatsu school. He is confident that with the help of such a massage it is possible to restore the ability to work and the strength of those people who sit all day in one place. Massages can make efficient work, and the founder is sure that shiatsu can provide preventive measures for colds, stomach and intestinal problems, cerebral vesicle.

The Japanese Ministry of Health officiallyNamed the form of massage. By definition, Shiatsu is a method of treatment that helps maintain and improve health, and also relieve a person of various diseases. The massage therapist applies palms and fingers. With the help of them, it affects the different points of the client's body.

The point massage is aimed at restoring and supporting the energy of the person. Also, it completely cures nervous disorders and insomnia.

There is a feeling that the Shiatsu can balance the struggle of various principles in the human body, that is, he will lead them into a state of harmony.

What is the effect of the shiatsu?

Point massage can affect manyProcesses in the body. We can say that one and the same methods can be used in various situations. This is the feature of such a massage, which is not designed to cure diseases, but to stimulate the protective functions of the body. It is also used to increase the general vitality of a person.

Specialists in the field of energy medicineAre confident that the Shiatsu activates energy and improves its circulation. The points on the body that stimulate the shiatsu almost do not coincide with the points used by traditional acupuncture.

In general, we can say that the points are almost conditional. Their location on the body is described neochen accurately. The discoverer of the shiatsu method says that this kind of massage is based on the instinct of a person who unconsciously massages and rubs the areas where pain is felt. He systematized and studied all such unconscious impulses and developed Shiatsu therapy on their basis.

The methods of this massage are based on the theory of fine energy circulation, which is developed in China. Shiatsu affects the human body energetically, but not physically.

Specialists in this field press onSome points of the body and through them positelvnovliyayut on the energy flows of people. These points are located in the very depths of the body, they are defined by the amasters in an intuitive level.

They are losers on such points not with their fingers alone. To do this, use kigong-a special massage ball. Masseurs lightly press them to the body and rotate the hourly arrow.

Shiatsu acupressure massage can be used to make,To strengthen sexual energy. This is a fairly simple form of massage and it can be used as an erotic. To do this, men need to massage the points that are located in the waist. And in women, these points are located between the breasts in the thyroid gland. Massaging these points, you can have an effect on sexual activity.

Tehnoshiatsu will be able to relieve stress and stress, which can accumulate during the day.

Shiatsu point massage technique

Massage should be done in a course that lasts seven to ten days. Then you need to make a little break.

The technique of massage involves rhythmicPressing parts of the palm or fingers of the points. The surface pressure of the first flank of the thumb can be considered the most important and standard method of this massage method.

The force with which you click on the points of the body canchange. The specialist can easily touch, and push with maximum force. Sometimes his fingers can tear from the client's skin. Such fluctuations in force must be done five to ten times in a minute.

The masseuse can use the fingers of both hands and superimpose them on each other. The finger should not slide off the skin.

When there is a facial massage, the expert acts with three fingers - anonymous, middle index, and palms pressing on the stomach and eyes. The palm is used for vibrating massage.

It is not necessary to influence the body with pressure,Resembling blows. Press the fingers of your fingers as if you were carrying the entire weight of the body. The force with which the points are affected should depend on the condition and illnesses of the patient. Press it must be perpendicular to the skin surface.

When using massage to treat a specificIllness, then usually click on the points located near the diseased area. But other points may be involved. For example, when the kidneys are treated, they press on the points located on the legs, and to strengthen the heart - to the points located on the left hand.

The neck of the massage therapist should not work more than five to seven seconds. Pressing should cause something in between the sensations of pain and a pleasant touch.

If you work on the tips of your fingers, you can promote a greater influx of blood to your hands. This will increase the psychological and emotional stability of the person, as well as strengthen his health.


However, everyone who decided to apply Shiatsu massageOn yourself, you must remember that you can do it yourself only if you fully realize your illness, and also just to relieve fatigue. In other cases, you need to be very careful! There are a number of restrictions, in which case the Shiatsu should be abandoned:

  • If you have a stomach trouble or blood clotting;
  • If there are diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart and lungs;
  • With oncological diseases;
  • With broken bones, acute stomach pain.
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