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Creole bamboo massage: indications, technique, contraindications

Who should do Creole bamboo massage?

In Russia this kind of massage is still a curiosity. Practice it a small number of specialists. The action of this type of massage is the constriction and expansion of the vessels. Everything will depend on the pace, impact strength and the duration of the massage itself.

Creole massage works great withObesity, overweight, cellulite. It is also recommended for overwork - physical or mental. Massage with the use of bamboo sticks well removes nervous and muscle tension, relieves stress, promotes complete relaxation. It also helps to improve the venous circulation, overcome pain, improves the flow, feeds tissues and cells, speeds up the metabolism of the body.

One of the benefits of massage ishigh efficiency. In particular, it effectively affects the buttocks and thighs. This is very convenient, because the massage takes quite a bit of time - half as much as manual massage. The Cretan bamboo massage is painless, and the recommended course is fifteen sessions.

What is the technique of its implementation?

This massage is done using a pair of specialChopsticks that are made by a dole. They are thirty-five centimeters long and three centimeters in diameter. On the other hand they are hollow, and on the other they are filled with fine sand or grain, which makes it possible to give a special sound effect. For bamboo massage, many different oils are used, for example, almond oil, sesame, guava, papaya, cypress and avocado, as well as nutmeg.

Technical evidence is that the specialist first deeply rubs the human body with the help of a bamboo stick. This has a strong impact on the client's myshechinketani.

Then the specialist with these chopsticks does the blowsA frequency of about one hundred and twenty twenty-one-hour per minute. Do this massage to the music of sega - ethnicCrel music. It should be noted that rhythm plays a huge role in this massage technique, because its usefulness depends on the rhythm.

Blows are applied on the tangent, which causes vibration, which occurs with the help of sand or grain. There are, of course, other techniques, such as screwing, squeezing, rolling, etc.

Sensekreol massage in a fruitfulTo study bamboo sticks of different active points on the human body - this animates all of its sensors. Bamboo sticks are perfectly in contact with the contours of the body, which will ensure a full recovery of positive energy.

This massage is advised to be done immediately after anyWater treatment - bath, shower, swimming in the sea or pool, whirlpool. A wonderful effect is also achieved after a sauna, spa capsules or a bath. After the completion of bamboo massage, the algae wrapping procedures, blue clay or mud applications will be very useful.

BambooKreol massage can be used as a separate procedure, and as an addition, for example, with honey massage, anti-cellulite, with sesame seeds, Thai and many others.

Amazing music of bamboo massage

As already mentioned, this type of massage is performedUnder the national music of Creoles. The rhythm and tempo of the musical accompaniment are obligatory for massage with the help of bamboo sticks. The national language of Mauritius is sega. Under her perform a rhythmic eponymous titans.

With the help of music the client quickly relaxes, this allows you to make the massage more effective. Music has a light and light character. You can trace the thread of Indian and African motifs.

About bamboo sticks

Bamboo symbolizes flexibility, enduranceAnd longevity. So applying it as a massage tool is extremely useful! Sticks are flexible and strong. Since ancient times with the help of bamboo sticks returned health.

With the help of such sticks, you can varyThe technique of the massage itself. You can do rubbing actions, and roll, roll, knead, press, twist, stretch, squeeze, and so on. When the massage procedure is underway, the wizard uses all the surfaces of the sticks.

It is better when massage sticks of different diameters. Also it is necessary to remember that the smaller the diameter of the wand, the more penetrating and sensitive the massage itself.


Creole massage still has someContraindications. You can not do such a massage if there are any diseases, such as blood or blood circulation diseases, acute inflammatory processes, cancer, tuberculosis, gallstones or kidney stones, varicose veins, influenza or tonsillitis. So you need to be careful and do not overdo it with exotics. It is best to consult a doctor before deciding to try this massage technique on yourself.

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