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Ornaments for teeth: types and care of teeth

The teeth of antiquity were adorned, inserting preciousStones, for example, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc. Since then, centuries have passed, and nowadays, dental decorations take on a lot of popularity, not only among women, but among men who follow modern fashion. To decorate the teeth, you need to visit the dentist, they are engaged in this, that is, insert into the teeth of precious stones and rhinestones.

Types of jewelry for teeth

In order to decorate the teeth, use stonesTransparent, such as diamonds or sapphires of standard processing, these stones are multifaceted, which causes the play of light and gives the beauty and unusual expressiveness a smile and a general appearance.

There is an unpleasant moment: To insert a diamond in the tooth, the tooth needs to be drilled. If there is any defect on the tooth, and you want to hide it with stones, this unpleasant moment is completely justified. If you have beautiful, healthy teeth, then do not destroy them, it is better to use crystal decorations, which are called skyses. They are like diamonds, but you do not need to drill a tooth when they are introduced.

Diamonds better to drive into the crown. This technology assumes its soldering to the porcelain mass of the crown, and the entire surface of the tooth thus remains even and neat.

It's easier to decorate your teeth with rhinestones, whichPolished to a mirror shine. They are manufactured exclusively by factory standards with the help of computer technology, and even under the influence of food they do not lose their glory.

Sich help you can even hide tooth defects, stainsOr unevenness. How do embroideries (rhinestones)? In order to fix the skyson on the tooth, a bond is used, it is a special, transparent light-transmitting composite. It looks like, for example, a gel for nail extensions or lacquer, and under the influence of an ionic lamp it gets stronger - this decoration, sparkling on the tooth, looks great.

Oral cavity it is almost not felt and notCauses a slight discomfort. The scissor has a very light size, only 0.1 g., It is flat and therefore does not rub against the lips and does not accumulate around it the remains of food. Special care does not require this decoration.

Pryteitskais is absolutely safeProcedure, it is also easy to remove it with the help of a special tool or solution, but this should only be done by a stethologist! The enamel is not broken.

If you still want to insert a realA diamond, then you will need a restoration or a change of crown. In comparison with the introduction of a diamond, the skice is not a complicated process at all, this procedure can be performed by a dentist, the tooth surface must be completely clean and smooth before gluing, one can not achieve this by itself.

Need professional polishing and processing,The usual cleaning will not be effective. When the tooth becomes smooth, it is dried and bonding is used, fixing it with the help of an ion lamp. This is all possible only in dental clinics.

The price of a similar decoration depends on the quality of the materials used. On average, it is not higher than fifty euros.

Another way to decorate your teeth is to glue a twinkle. It is a figure of gold, sometimes encrusted with a precious stone. It is glued on the tooth without harm to the tooth enamel. When you brush your teeth, the decoration does not deteriorate in any way, and to remove it from a tooth, it's enough just to go to the dentist. He removes the twinkle, cleans the tooth glue and polishes it. It is quite understandable that it is possible to wear ornaments on teeth for those people whose teeth are even and beautiful, unfortunately, such teeth do not have everything. If the client wants to make his teeth even, but does not want to brace up - there is an option: to wear braces of sapphires, caring for them is simple enough!

To make braces from sapphires, useartificial stones that are grown in special conditions. Such braces are almost invisible and look very neat, they do not cause unpleasant sensations in the oral cavity and preserve normal diction.

For people whose teeth are not very healthy ortoo sensitive, there is one way to decorate them - this is the technique of galvanic ash. Crowns are made by the electroforming method. They look great, exactly fit on the tooth and do not cause allergies.

Care for decorated teeth

But the main condition is to make it possiblethe adornment of your teeth is their health! Therefore, you need to bring your teeth in an ideal way: cleanse their teeth and plaque, conduct all the necessary procedures for polishing and cleaning. And only then, if there is such a desire, you should decorate your teeth with rhinestones, twinkles or other ways. Such decorations do not require any special approach. But if you carefully watch your teeth, they will last a long time. With careful care, not only decorations will last more than a year, but your teeth will radiate health and beauty!

Also, there are a few simple guidelines for keeping the decoration as long as possible:

  • Do not gnaw nuts or other solid foods;
  • If possible, then transfer the load when eating food from the decorated tooth to other teeth.

Another positive aspect is thatThe Skys stimulate their losers to carefully watch their teeth! And remember that all the decorations of any type can be removed without a trace, if you visit a dentist!

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