/ Juice lettuce: properties and applications of medicine

Juice lettuce: properties and applications of medicine

The juice of lettuce contains a huge amountthe most necessary and useful for human substances. But it also has a lot of healing qualities, for example, the sucklabut successfully copes with the maintenance of health and even helps to get rid of the already existing diseases, preserves beauty and prolongs youth.

Useful properties of juice

If fresh squeezed, then there is a large numbervitamins, organic substances of mineral salts. But all these qualities depend on the conditions under which the salad is grown. Natural sugar and organic acids, such as lemon, apple, oxalic and amber, in this plant are not very many, in any case less than in other representatives of this species. Minerals represented in it: potassium (its more, chemostalnyh), calcium, phosphorus, silicon, magnesium, sulfur, iron and sodium. Vitamins are also abundant in vitamins, they are vitamins of the whole group B, C, PP, E, H, K and carotene.

If even the percentage ratio of iron in lettuce andinsignificant, but using its juice, it is possible to perfectly support in a norm hematopoietic function. Iron in our organism, being a very active element that accumulates in the spleen of the liver, is constantly being updated. If a person changes food or has a loss of blood, then when the iron in the body decreases, it, being accumulated orgasm, is used to form a new stock of blood (blood cells).

Vsalate-letucha a lot of calcium and magnesium, withoutwhich the muscle fiber can not function normally, there is a violation in the central nervous system, the cellular and tissue structure deteriorates.

Huge body and the role of calcium, whichis the main component of the bone tissue, enamel of the teeth, supports the normal vital functions of the cells, the composition, as well as the fluid in the tissues. The activity of most enzymes without calcium is simply impossible, as well as the transmission of impulses of the nervous system. The optimal combination, which is combined with calcium and magnesium, can help you from a lot of health problems.

The composition of brain cells is phosphorus, and in the compositionhemoglobin is present in sulfur. Two of these elements, which form part of the sod, in which silicon also enters, will support the skin in a normal state, will affect the growth of the hair. Bunches and tendons will be much more elastic.

If you combine juice of lettuce with carrot juice, then such a cocktail will be useful to drink even a baby, it will provide effective help in the normal growth and development of the baby.

Attraction of cystitis, dyskinesia, stomach ulcers andDuodenal ulcers will have the beneficial effect of the alkaloid compounds of hyoscyamine that are part of the coccatalate-letuk. An analgesic and soothing effect, this juice is obliged to the hyoscyline.

The juice squeezed from this plant, being the sourcesuch substances as carotene, vitamin C, biotin - a vitamin of beauty, is indispensable for the process of metabolic substances, for hematopoiesis - all this provides healthy and normal working capacity of the nervous system. This is of great importance for children and the future mothers.

People who are ill with tuberculosis and dropsy,suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, taking lettuce juice is simply necessary. If there is a problem in the cardiovascular system (angina pectoris, ischemic heart disease), the juice has a soothing effect - it should be taken on the day of the trip for fifteen drops, but with the condition that the juice will be freshly squeezed.

Rihytrazivaetsya because of a shortage in the bodycalcium and some minerals. The bone system is softened and deformed - in this case it is also recommended to use this juice, only already in a mixture with the juice of carrots, dandelions or turnips.

And the recommendations of the official medicine did not escape the juice of this amazing plant - doctors advise the use of it for diseases, including it in diets.

Soklatuka will improve digestion and help acceleratehealing ulcers in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and also improve sleep and reduce excitability. If you take into account the fact that juice is an easy diuretic, it is very often recommended to those who have hypertension and atherosclerosis. In diseases of the blood that arise as a result of violations of the synthesis of iron-content complexes, this miracle juice is also prescribed.

Pregnancy, anemia, weakening of the generalcondition - a disease in which a desirable regular use of juice in the mixture, and in its pure form. Constipation is a consequence of sluggishness of the intestine, which can be eliminated by taking a small daily fresh juice of salad - just one or two tablespoons.

Vsoka letucha contains many useful substances, so taking it, you will postpone the prevention of avitaminosis, prevent obesity, stimulate metabolic processes in the body.

Feeding the woman's juice of lettuce will increase the amount of milk produced.


Juice lettuce can not be taken with gout, a tendency to form a malignant disease, with exacerbation of gastritis and colitis.

For the preparation of juice, it is desirable to choose bright green leaves, since they contain more useful substances that are necessary for maintaining health.

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