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Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi: testimony, action, technique

For many years the Lomi Lomi massage was owned by elders and healers. They carefully stored the secrets and subtleties of massage techniques and passed etitonosti from father to son.

Healers who own the Lomi Lomi technique,Used and used during the massage prayer. It is believed that during the prayer through the hands of the masseur the priest receives a divine blessing. Lomi-Lomi was used in ancient times for the purpose of uniting the body and soul, which is typical for all Oriental cultures, as well as for cleansing, healing and strengthening the body and spirit.

The art of massage in Polynesia, in addition to theMasters Lomi-Lomi, own the imaster of Hawaiian single combat "Olohe lua". Masters of this single combat use Lomi-Lomi as a strengthening and restoring tool. Polynesian wives very often make Lomi-Lomi their husbands - this is a national tradition.

The main components of Lomi-Lomi arePrayer, cleansing with salt, working with energy, physical practices, massage, mental cleansing. A healer counts the one who bears love. And therefore, all components, combining in the massage Lomi Lomi, create and bring people a healing effect.

The very first massage session lasts no less than three hours. It is necessary to have a positive healing effect.

Lomi Lomi Massage has an amazingRelaxing effect, creates the feeling that the person spent several days at the resort. On some people, the massage has a very strong relaxation of the whole body, and therefore a person can sleep for about 36 hours.

Indications for use Lomi-Lomi

Massage is good for those people who are deprived of love andAttention, as well as for those who lack tactile sensations. The technique of massage very well helps in the fight against stress, depression, cures headaches, helps liberate oneself, become more self-confident. Lomi-Lomi is shown by those who have diseases of the digestive system, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, as well as hypertension. Massage helps restore skin elasticity and tone.

Contra-massage Lomi-Lomi

Lomi-Lomi can not be used duringPoisoning, with high temperature and with acute infectious diseases. Massage can not be done for people who have oncological and lymphatic diseases, ulcers, fractures, abscesses of ioteca. There are age limits: massage is not done for children under the age of five and very old people.

How does Lomi Lomi work?
Massage has a positive effect on the whole body. Massage acts as an emotional, physical and spiritual state of a person.

In addition to relaxation, the joints in humansBecome mobile, muscles acquire a tone. After several sessions Lomi-Lomi normalizes blood pressure, memory and hearing improves. Massage helps to get rid of aching sensations, well helps people with paralysis. The person to whom this massage was made, gets rid of stress. Creativity in a person increases, ambiguity and world perception become positive.

Lomi-Lomi massage has no analogues. After massage in the human body comes the feeling of harmony, increases the protective function of the body, strengthened immunity. A person becomes more stress-resistant. Reduces the sensitivity of the body to allergic substances.

One of the main tasks of the masseur Lomi-LomiIs the detection and destruction of emotional stiffness of a person. This stiffness can be determined by its tension, or relaxation of the muscles of the body, by the mobility of the patient's joints, by the breath and color of the human skin.

In man there is a union of soul and body. The whole body feels a sense of primacy, because massage affects the physical, spiritual and emotional beginning of a person.

How is the Lomi-Lomi mass fulfilled?

Massage includes a huge amountDiversity in the techniques of the impact on the human body. Massage is little studied, and truly is a real sacrament, during which a person receives a paradise pleasure. The massage session is accompanied by national Hawaiian songs. Essential aromatic oils are used in the massage.

The masseur makes massage with the help of palms, pads of fingers, elbows, feet, knees, special wooden sticks and stones are used.

Massage Lomi-Lomi should be carried out in a certainSequence. First the whole surface of the skin is processed all over the body. Then the specialist switches to the massage of the subcutaneous fat tissue of the patient. After this, the muscles and joints are exposed to the hand of the man. Then the internal organs of the abdominal and thoracic cavity of the patient are treated.

At a later stage, selectiveManipulation with the hands and feet of the patient, as well as with his pelvis and spine, and at the end of the massage he uses the technique of "Reiki" - the imposition of hands on the patient's body.

The technique of this type of massage affects the wholeOrganism of the patient as a whole. This, of course, ensures greater effectiveness of this procedure. The session lasts for two and a half hours. Massage is done with warm, aromatic oil.

Many people who have tried on themselvesLomi-Lomi, confirm that, after the massage, they began to feel better, the body became more flexible and plastic, a positive outlook on life appeared. Therefore, you tozhstoit try the Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi. Do it better directly from Polynesia, or from specialists who mastered the technique of Lomi-Lomi in Polynesia and studied with hereditary masseurs Lomi-Lomi.

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