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Colds on the lips: the causes and methods of disposal

The cold is activated on the surface of the lips only inWhen circumstances are special and favorable, they have been written about above. At other times, if you have a stable state of health, as well as strong immunity, you can not even suspect that the herpes virus is already present in the body. The best protection against viral cold on the lips - to conduct a general prophylaxis of catarrhal diseases, strengthen immunity, and also use protective lip balms.

Most common cold manifests itself in the form of vesiclesOr small blisters. After the inflammatory process begins to decrease, most often on the lips are formed small sores, which are very painful when touched by them. With the herpes virus actively fighting and cosmetology, and medicine, so you can draw any of these ways, but run herpes and tighten with treatment is very much recommended.

Medical treatment options: Of all medicine for the treatment of herpes is most popular "Zovirax." And among domestic and budget variants, you can give preference to acyclovir ointment, which are very effective.

People's methods of treating herpes on the surfaceLips: this trouble in the area of ​​the lips may also not be caused by the herpes virus. In cold weather, a lack of moisture provokes drying and cracking of the lips, which under conditions of contaminatedecology and in the presence of wind will necessarily lead to the emergence of various inflammatory processes on the lips. In this case, people will come to our aid, who have already been tested by more than one generation.

First Recipe: Toothpaste against herpes on the lips. Among ordinary and home recipes you need to pay attention to a simple toothpaste, which can be found in any bathroom. Toothpaste has a slight drying effect. As soon as the first signs of the onset of cold on the lips appear, it is usually an itching sensation in the area of ​​the lips, a small amount of toothpaste is applied before going to sleep.

Recipe: we cauterize the common cold with oils. The most effective in-house method to stop inflammatory processes, as well as speed up the flow of colds - is to cauterize the common cold with essential oils. When choosing this method of treatment, be sure to make sure that the use of essential oils is not excessive - there will be enough point cauterization of foci of inflammation 1-2 times a day for the first 2-3 days. For these purposes, the best essential oils are: tea tree oil, eucalyptus, rosemary, mint, lemon.

Recipe: a miraculous tincture of propolis. Propolisovnastoyka - another remedy for the common cold, but you should not abuse it too. After you have burned the locus of cold with propolis, after 10-20 minutes you need to apply a cream that will soothe the skin, it is better if the cream is with natural extracts of herbs.

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