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Harm sweet for human health

From the moderate use of the sweet organism gets the benefit, since the sweet enriches it with carbohydrates, which are so necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

A complete cell exchange directly depends on theRegularity of the supply of carbohydrates, providing it with energy, into the human body. Sugar, for example, promotes the production of serotonin (he is also a "hormone of happiness"). However, it must be remembered that everything should be in moderation, and with excessive love for sweet-heartedly be prepared for the fact that with health there will be serious problems.

Excessive use of sweet can lead to infertility

Specialists from Harvard UniversityConducted studies, during which they discovered the relationship between the ability to have children and abuse of sweet. For example, excess sugar directly affects the formation of the body by estrogen and testosterone. Moreover, consumed sugars from confectionery products increase the level of lipids that the liver produces. Lipids in turn affect the level of the special protein - the level of SHBG decreases. This protein is responsible for the balance of estrogen and testosterone in the blood, so its deficiency leads to the development of infertility.

Another problem of the reflux is thrush

From the yeast infection (he zhuroogenitalny candidiasis) more oftenAll suffer from girls who use a lot in large quantities. The cause of the development of thrush are the fungi of the Candida, which are almost everyone, but it should be noted that the disease only occurs when there are a lot of them. The number of these fungi can begin to increase from carbohydrate-containing foods (different virulence) and from taking antibiotics.

Abuse of a child leads to bowel cancer

Pancreas when used in largeQuantity of flour products is forced to produce insulin in a strengthened mode, which can provoke the formation of malignant tumors in the intestine. The conclusion was drawn to such a conclusion of scientists, which was made during the observation by zazhschinami (several thousand women participated in the study). After this, American scientists began to treat cancer with the sad consequences of sweeter abuse.

Sweets are dangerous for the brain

Despite the fact that many think that for the brainSweet is useful, Spanish experts claim the opposite - sugar on the brain of a man is detrimental. Scientists have studied in mice Laura syndrome (a rare hereditary disease). In this disease, due to the fact that brain cells accumulate glycogen in the cells, epileptic seizures develop, it can even lead to dementia and motor disorders.

To glycogen on the brain cells did not accumulate,The body produces two kinds of special protein, each type generates a special gene for its production and if at least one of these genes is damaged, it begins to develop Lafore's syndrome.

During scientific research, scientists fromState University of California made interesting conclusions. Studies were conducted in boarding schools (803) and in colonies (9) for minors, in the diet, sweets and sugar were replaced by vegetables and fruits and the result was a superstitious expectation: the children's assessments averaged an average of 1 point (five-point scale) a year, and half of the children Which was observed delayed the mental development, recognized healthy.

Sugar shortens the duration of life

German scientists were also interested in the fact,How sugar affects health. In the course of their work, they found that glucose can reduce the life of a person by about 25% (or 15 years of life). After a while, these conclusions were confirmed by researchers from the Institute of Biological Studies of California's Salkav.

Sweet pestilent

If the future mother uses a lot of sweet, thenIn her organism there is an excess of carbohydrates, which in the future her child may have allergic reactions, because of this the probability of developing CNS diseases is increased several times.

Harm of sweets-sugar

Some in search of sweet substitutes consumeSubstitutes for sugar, because they differ slightly in taste, and less caloric. The most common substitutes for sugar are xylitol, sorbitol, succamate, saccharin, aspartame. At first glance it may seem that these are useful substances, but for the body they are unsafe. Saccharin (available in tablets of 40 mg), for example, in large doses leads to the development of cancers, so you can use 4 tablets per day, no more. Suclamate aspartame may cause allergies. Xylitol and sorbitol have a healing and laxative effect.

British scientists have recently beenIt is established that sorbitol (E420) - a sugar substitute can lead to abdominal pain, redness of the intestine and diarrhea. It should be noted that this sugar substitute is used in the production of chewing gums in large doses. In addition, some of the toothpastes also include this sugar substitute.

What to do if you can not do it completelyTo give up the gourmets? Then it remains to strictly observe moderation! But if you decide to limit yourself in the consumption of sweet, then you probably will help the advice of thediologists:

  • Sugar can be replaced with dried fruits and honey;
  • Sweet carbonated drinks try to replace mineral water;
  • If possible, drink coffee and tea without sugar;
  • Reduce glucose consumption, use "natural" sweeteners: lactulose or fructose, which are found in large quantities in fruits.
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