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Slimming enema: benefits, recipes and rules for carrying out

This problem can be solved with an enema. Although this procedure is associated almost with all people with poisoning, nevertheless, a cleansing enema for weight loss is used as often as an enema for removing toxins from the body.

How to conduct a slimming enema

In order to conduct an enema procedure for youYou need a mug of Esmarch, which you can buy at any pharmacy. Fill the cup with one or two liters of water solution in a vertical position and insert into the anus. The patient during the procedure should be in a supine position, because in this position he does not experience any painful sensations. And in order for the liquid to disperse better through the intestine, it is necessary at this time to draw in itself the stomach or perform circular movements around the navel. When the procedure for setting the enema is over, it is necessary to lie down for at least seven minutes, you can run to the toilet only when you will not be able to endure it. After the enema, you need to rest the body, that is, you should not load his food for at least two hours.

Solutions for enema

Water for enema need to use roomTemperature, but necessarily boiled. The composition of the enema solution is selected individually at the patient's will, and will directly depend on its condition:

  • Honey solution, which adds a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice;

  • Mortar cooked on herbs. For this solution in 200 ml of water, brew two tablespoons of sage, chamomile or other herbs, then filter everything and bring the solution to the volume of two liters;

  • Coffee solution. To prepare the coffee solution, take strong coffee, that is three tablespoons per 200 ml of water;

  • Application of various brine solutions.

Slimming enema with saline solutions

If the patient has a tendency to constipation, thenRecommend two tablespoons of salt diluted in a liter of boiled water with the addition of the same amount of lemon juice. With fatty deposits in the abdomen of salt, you need to take one dessert spoon for half a liter of water. With a combination of enemas and fasting, use half a liter of water already a teaspoon of salt.

Glauber's salt is used as a laxativeMeans and apply separately from the enema. One tablespoon is bred in a glass of water and taken on an empty stomach. Throughout the day, you need to drink twice a mixture of lemon-orange juice and water two liters at a time. And before going to bed put a cleansing enema with a volume of one and a half liters of water.

Slimming enemas and their variants

There are the following types of enemas for weight loss, which are used directly according to the indications and with the experience in the formulation of this enema:

  • An enema on yogurt that is recommended to those people who have problems directly with the intestine or hemorrhoids;

  • Garlic enema with the addition of English salt. To prepare a solution of this enema, take three cloves of garlic finely chopped and pour two liters of boiled water, which then add two tablespoons of English salt;

  • Enema with lemon juice. One third cup of lemon juice is diluted with one liter of water.

  • Enema with the use of mineral oils and glycerin, that is, 500 ml of water, put two tablespoons of mineral oil or glycerin; You can apply sea salt.

All for and against the enema for weight loss

This method for losing weight brings a very largeBenefit for the body, as it helps to get rid of excess weight, helps to cleanse of toxins and harmful substances. As a result of this influence on the body, metabolism comes to normal, and the processes of regeneration of cells and tissues are accelerated.

However, with all the above advantagesSlimming enemas exist and the disadvantages of this method. Namely: there may be a violation of natural intestinal flora, kidney dehydration, hemorrhoids and other problems of the anus and the gastrointestinal tract as a whole. Therefore, before applying this procedure, it is necessary to consult with a specialist and not abuse its use.

Rules for the procedure of enema

  • In order to relax well you need to take a bath;

  • During anemia, the enema should not be used;

  • Immediately before staging the enema you need to drink a little water, which will enhance the effect of water, which gets into the rectum;

  • Do not start this procedure with large doses, that is, the volume of the solution used should be increased gradually.

Cleansing the bowels is a mustProcess. Experts recommend to conduct enema courses for everyone without exception, at least once a year, because a healthy bowel is the health of your body.

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