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Willpower in a stressful situation

First of all, it is necessary for ourselves to understand what isThere is an extreme situation. This is the situation that transcends the measured course of life. For example, serious illness or death of someone close, war, sudden natural disaster or anthropogenic disaster. Such things, as a rule, happen unexpectedly. If a person is prepared internally for any of these situations, then this will not be an extreme for him. On the other hand, everything is very individual. For someone even a banalasso with a loved one will be so extreme that the experience can lead to a hospital bed, or even more abruptly. It is necessary to take into account the existence of an individual perception threshold and the degree of personal inner strength. Someone feels confident even in the war, someone dies from a heart attack after being fired.

Preventing Unexpected Attacks

Be aware of exactly what situations would be for youExtreme, and then develop a strategy of interaction with them. First of all, try to avoid such situations altogether. Why face bandits, life-threatening activities, if you can just circumvent these circumstances? Prevention is to maintain a good physical shape (always useful), to learn to be aware of yourself and the surrounding world at every moment, to have access to the hidden resources of the body and the psyche, extracting them at a difficult time.

You need to enter the consciousness of the readiness programTo everything that can take you out of balance. Then, in a stressful situation, you can act on the circumstances - quickly in a mood. Understand, are you afraid of some extreme circumstances, do you know how to behave in them? If you are afraid, then first fight with fear, this is the main enemy of power, absorbing it, like a parasite.

How to defeat your fear

Adopt a comfortable, straightened posture, levelBreathing and remember the situation, frightening. Enter it, trying to evoke in your mind a frightening you extreme survival. Make it bright, watch your body in this situation, then mentally immerse yourself in, causing fear and confusion as much as possible. Only thus it is impossible to be identified with experience - observe it as from outside. Tear off watching the situation "I" from your body, mentally exit the picture and watch your tension from the side. Gradually reduce your dependence on fear, distance fear from yourself, like a dark cloud. Remember, if you can, any situation from a past life, in which, under similar circumstances, you behaved yourself and were resourceful. Mentally this program of fearlessness in the image of the current situation. Do this several times, until the situation will cease to be extreme for you.

This is proved:So that the extremality of circumstances does not lead you out of yourself and does not deprive you of strength, you must prepare for a possible blow, eliminate the intense expectation of failures, work out in your mind a program of clear and conscious behavior in a difficult situation. It is best to bring a resourceful coherent reaction to automatism. A spontaneous reaction at any risk speaks of the training of an explosive person in man. Your mind must contain several basic programs of extreme behavior: "instantaneous evasion," "frontal attack and counterattack," "quick search for a way out of the impasse," "complete composure," and "discharging humor."

If there is an extreme

If the extreme situation still occurred andHas broken you, then act very simply - right on the circumstances. Firefighters have such a rule: when people around you are burning, people are dying and everything is drowning in shouts - you need to save the first one who comes under the arm. Simply take out of the fire, without thinking, without analyzing whom to deliver, and whom you can later - just do what the situation requires. If you need to fight in an extreme situation - fight, do not hesitate, resist, but do not get into a stupor. Never show your fear or embarrassment. Keep the consciousness clear, collected, focused as much as possible on the matter. You can repeat to yourself the encouraging formulas: "I'm calm," "Forward," "I will succeed," "Everything will be fine."

The main prilyuboy danger - do not stop doingEverything necessary to save the danger, not to fall into a stupor. Continue to resist when attacking, even if your strengths are not equal, go out to work and do everyday things in case of loss of loved ones, fight for healing even with the most unfavorable diagnosis. However, remember - this resistance is effective only if the internal balance, and therefore the force, is maintained.

A powerful method of developing willpower in extremesituations was applied by Japanese samurai. Their motto was: "In the war, act as if you were already dead, but fought with the power of the living." This approach gives a special state of unhealthy detachment and active will. A person who understands this principle acts like an impeccable warrior. Apply it in any difficult situation - you immediately feel the hidden power.

Method of eradication of psychological trauma

Of whatsoever is any psychological trauma aftertransferred stress? From spasms of those or other muscles that remember the pain caused by excessive experience of psychological pressure or real danger. Any serious mental trauma necessarily suppresses even breathing. It also carries in itself images of what has been traumatizing us. And, finally, the very pain experience recorded in our consciousness. To erase this injury, you need to do the following:

  • Deeply weaken all the muscles;
  • align breathing, ensuring that memories do not cause more respiratory spasm;
  • to remove negatively charged displays of the situation, which caused trauma, to get rid of depressive memories;
  • replace the painful feeling on a calm emotional background.

If you, for example, were deeply traumatizedbetrayal or meanness of a loved one, you first learn to reflect on the past without tension of the muscles and the lack of breathing. Try to convince yourself that this pain has hardened you. Try to see the image of this situation not as a dark spot, but in lighter tones. And, finally, develop in yourself another emotional attitude to the situation - if unhappy, then at least neutral. If you do at least part of the proposed methods, then you will be able to go through any extreme conditions with minimal losses of internal strength.

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