/ How to drink water properly?

How to drink water correctly?

Drinking any drink, you should take an interest in whether it has a diuretic effect. If so, your body will lose a lot of water.

The scientists found out one interesting fact. It turns out that a person who drinks 1 glass of water, can count on the fact that the metabolic process in the body will accelerate at least 20 or even 30%. This means that losing weight will be much faster.

Just think, it is sufficient only to maintain the optimal balance of water in the body in order to get rid of excess kilograms, and also to prevent their re-emergence.

Want to lose weight with the help of ordinary drinking water? Then follow the simple rules for drinking water, which are set out below.

A glass of water before eating

Try to drink a glass of pure still water for 20-30 minutes before taking the food. Thus, you can reduce your appetite so that you do not eat too much.

Drink water instead of having a snack

Everyone is familiar with such a feeling, when as ifYou want to eat something, but at the same time you literally had a lunch or dinner. You start eating different snacks, sweets, chips and other unproductive foods.

In fact, very often the feeling of an easy hungerWe confuse with thirst. Therefore, instead of just drinking a little ordinary still water, we use a bunch of unnecessary calories, which turn into extra pounds.

Do not drink cold water

Ideal for use is water, whichHas room temperature. But why not drink cold water? The fact is that cold water shortens the residence time of the food in the stomach. Half an hour after eating, food passes into the intestines. As a result, a person begins to feel hungry again.

Cold water inevitably attracts extra onesKg. Now you understand why in the cafe fast food offers cold drinks or drinks with ice cubes along with french fries with hamburgers ?! This is a very effective technique that helps fast food to earn huge money.

Lemonade, juice, coffee or tea?

Many modern people simply do not representHis life without a cup of hot coffee in the morning or a fragrant tea-party in the evenings. Do not think that you can replace tea, coffee or juices with a drinking water. These drinks contain active substances and various compounds that are able to change the chemical composition of our body. As for various drinks, they should not be talked about, since they contain a huge number of different compounds that lead to dehydration of the organism. The more you drink them, the stronger the feeling of thirst.

Choose a glass container

Clean filtered water can not be stored inPlastic bottles. To do this, it is better to use a glass container. Plastic under the influence of ultraviolet emits harmful substances-phthalates, which make purified water harmful to health. For example, such a substance emitted by plastic, like Bisphenol A, adversely affects the reproductive organs and the cardiovascular system of man.

We will generalize the rules for drinking water so that it is easier to remember and observe them:

  • 20 minutes before meals, drink purified water.
  • If there is a feeling of hunger between meals, drink a glass of water.
  • Water must have room temperature. Cold water to drink is undesirable.
  • Do not replace water with carbonated drinks, juices.
  • Do not drink water in plastic bottles.
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