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Breakfast in bed or how to start a good morning

Rule one: choosing the right breakfast menu

The physical form and figure of a beloved man isand your concern, and the subject of a quivering attitude. Therefore, it is better to immediately ask for a set of low-calorie products, and as for the menu, there is no need to make a festive feast out of breakfast. Recipes for the holiday - separately, but for now you can do with the fact that it lies in the fridge, only to take care of it well in advance. It is quite good fresh fruit, a cup of coffee, juice ... With fruit simply - cut more carefully, mix, add low-fat yogurt, you can ice cream, but not ice! A fruit is better to take in the same amount. By the way, lettuce should not be "floating" in the pouring.

About coffee: This is also a matter of your foresight, it would be good to advance, but without persistent interrogation, to find out the favorite variety, roasting, sugar or cream ... Cream is an additional temptation. Do not forget about the possible appearance of the tummy of a loved one, so serve cream separately in a special thrush from the service. Maybe people do not like coffee at all? The place will have tea in your favorite cup. Beautiful and warm - it's without obsession.

Women know what a man will prefer in the morningMore serious refueling, so it will be nice to throw two pieces of bacon into a frying pan and put on not very big fire and then lightly beat a couple of eggs in a plate ... Turn the bacon and pour the egg, and sprinkle it all with grated cheese and greens. And your hero will unfold in the shoulders, do not doubt!

Fitness option for breakfast is more demandingto the products because of the need to add vitamins and proteins to the body, so choose an egg soft-boiled. Cottage cheese, but not excessively greasy. Serve sliced ​​fruit and juice. About coffee, most likely, you will not have to remember, but it is also possible.

Rule two: surprise for your half

Trifles have the property to be memorized for a long time. And it is in small things that you can express your affectionate attitude, show respect to your loved one, even show that there are things you understand and no less important than for him or her ... It turns out that it's not a trifle - to wake up from a kiss, to hear a whisper At the ear ... To see first the dear face in the morning ... It is necessary to express, show, interest and surprise.

The breakfast has so many opportunities to expressYour attitude and surprise with the ability to romance! Napkin with a gentle inscription or poems, a small fresh rose, placed in a transparent glass and dropped, as if by accident, a pair of petals with a tear on the tray ... And how interesting and joyful a man to see next to breakfast his favorite newspaper, rolled up by a neat tube, , so as not to unfold! He will even postpone this newspaper for you, when he once again sees and understands that you respect and remember his interests. Add the light, quiet and quiet music as a seasoning, make the morning light, and you will see for yourself that you have prepared and served this breakfast with all your heart ...

Rule three: do not forget about security!

Forethought saves good beginnings! Carelessness turns them into trouble ... To foresee - this does not mean to foresee, but some events can still be predicted in different ways.

And the patience and sincere desire to iron outIt's easy to express annoying little things - bring breakfast to bed. Yesterday's quarrel, reckless words, passion, anger, disagreement, such a familiar desire to "bite" a little bit - all this passes. But it's important not only to admit your mistakes, but also to show what trifles this is all about, compared to you ... aside reproaches, see what a beautiful coffee turned out, what smell went around the room, in our room!

Not always a full refrigerator will help to iron outyesterday's emotions, but you can also surprise with desire and skill, not running into the store in the morning, that's how beautiful it is to submit everything: look, what a lovely omelet for breakfast! Do not drink coffee? Well, but in the morning it is also invigorating green tea. And even more invigorates and puts on his feet, and gives strength to the expression of love on his face. Tray then carry away, about what was there, and do not remember, and the feeling of warmth and attention will not be forgotten for a long time.

Do not spoil the impression of imprudence! In order not to return to yesterday's accusations, try not to put a tray next to the person still sleeping. Attach on the table next to you, prepare a special stand, on which it is more convenient to hold dishes, and serve them. So even more beautiful, so more care.

Breakfast in bed: still a luxury

There are still things that are just necessaryextract from daily routine, hold to leave for a sense of celebration. A bright event that happens every day, soon erased and lost its shine. Leave some good for surprise, for feeling something new and very joyful. After all, in life, not all have to remember with joy and a smile. It happens that you may have to remember each other. Then this aristocratic breakfast, served in bed, will not let you forget this wonderful time spent together.

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