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Dysbacteriosis: causes and restoration of balance

Imbalance - the path to ailments

No one is immune to dysbiosis today,Even infants. According to doctors-gastroenterologists, more than 90% of our fellow citizens suffer from dysbiosis in varying degrees. In this syndrome, the natural balance of the intestinal microflora is disturbed and under the influence of various unfavorable factors a part of the "beneficial" bacteria gives way to other, "harmful" and very aggressive microorganisms.

The problems and their root causes

What are the causes of the disturbed balance? An impetus to the development of dysbiosis can serve as previous problems with the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, enteritis, enterocolitis), infectious diseases, accompanied by a metabolic disorder or immune system functions.

However, most often, a dysbacteriosis arisesDue to the impact on the body of adverse factors, one of which - antibiotics. Sometimes their independent, not coordinated with the doctor application brings lovely ladies to a very unpleasant state, the exit from which it can be difficult.

Affects and improper, unbalancedfood. In addition, negatively affects the state of the intestine and a sedentary lifestyle, which depresses its peristalsis (motor activity).

Disease attacks

Imbalance of intestinal microflora makes it difficultDigestion of food, as a result, the chair is broken, appetite is reduced, nausea, discomfort, bloating, etc. appear. There is no trace of the former, say, satisfactory state of health. Our body does not stand the attack of "harmful" bacteria and "gives up position after position", as its immune defense weakens. If you do not pay attention to the changes taking place with the minus sign, new ones will be added to the existing ailments: increased fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbance, deterioration of the hair, nails and skin.

Cosmetics do not help

And what in the end? Balance and harmony are broken, our appearance betrays our internal problems associated with dysbiosis. Cosmetic procedures in this case is not a reliable assistant. How to be? For a successful result, first of all, it is necessary to eliminate the root cause - to restore the natural balance of the intestinal microflora, normalizing the ratio of the population of "useful" bacteria and their antipodes.

Practical recommendations

But how can this be realized in practice? First, adjust your diet - on your table should always be vegetables, fruits, greens. Meat (poultry) and fish dishes cook only for a couple. Instead of white bread - whole-grain, instead of packaged juices and soda - compotes and fruit drinks.

Further. It is necessary to move more, to visit sports halls, to walk on foot, to ride a bicycle. And in any case, do not postpone the visit to the gastroenterologist, because successful treatment without an accurate diagnosis and specialist appointments is not realistic. As a rule, one of the mandatory recommendations of a doctor are drugs containing living beneficial bacteria, for example, Acipol. It is also good in that it has in its composition a substrate that promotes the growth and reproduction of useful intestinal microflora. By the way, Acipol is used even for the treatment of 3-month-old babies.

Health and success to you! And remember - the road will master the going!

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