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Frequent mistakes in the treatment of colds


We live in a constant hurry, we do not haveTime to get sick. At the first signs of a cold, we feverishly (sometimes literally) begin to take a myriad of medicines in the hope that some of the "magic" pills will put us on our feet at once. Uncontrolled use of antibiotics is extremely dangerous. A few know that all of them are useless in the case of viral colds, to which our constant ARVI and influenza belong. But our useful microflora of the intestine is killed by antibiotics at a time. They are especially harmful to the children's organization. Nowhere in the world, except for the CIS countries, do antibiotics of vaptekas sell. They can be given only by a doctor in a hospital at the time of treatment. In the extreme case - to write out on the house, but only on condition of visiting the doctor, all in some cases. At us antibiotics sell even for small children about one year. They also kill our intestinal flora, which determines the state of health and resistance to viruses.

All of the above does not mean that drinkingAntibiotics can not be at all. Under certain circumstances, one can not do without them. But at the same time doctors prescribe to take drugs for the prevention of dysbiosis, for example, linex or other probiotics with useful intestinal bacteria in the composition. But it is better to think about your intestinal microflora long before the onset of the disease. In fact, it plays a huge role in increasing our immunity. Yes, and do not rush to work. Any cold is best treated, oddly enough, time. It is necessary for the body to help cope with the disease.

Suppressing cough

Cough is, of course, the most unpleasant manifestationColds. Therefore, one can understand the invasion as quickly as possible to get rid of it. Meanwhile, the cough itself is not only harmful, but even useful - it is a natural reaction of the body to the common inflammation of the respiratory tract, which caused the virus. Inflammation is usually accompanied by the formation of dense, viscous sputum, very interfering with respiration. This is why the body gets rid of it by its only "tool" - a cough. We, instead of logically in this case diluting sputum with mucolytics, start taking suppressive cough medications. Do this impossible in any case! Such medications, like the same antibiotics, are used only for a special doctor's appointment with a long, dry, exhausting cough. It is necessary to go to a specialist if any cough does not pass a week or more. The process can go into a chronic cough and lead to serious complications.

Forgetting the prevention

We, as a rule, perceive a cold as a phenomenonInevitable, like leaf fall in autumn and snow in winter. We often neglect even the most simple preventive measures, although doctors are constantly reminded of them. And not in vain - prevention really helps to reduce the risk of getting sick. Of course, the best option is to radically change your lifestyle: drench with cold water, run around in the morning, eat only the "right" food and water, sleep for at least eight hours, do not worry about the populists. True, we must admit that this program can not be mastered by everyone. But you can start small.

So, coming home, from wherever it was, not onlyWash your hands, but rinse your nose with a needle. So you get rid of viruses that have settled on the mucosa. Think of reinforcing the defenses of the body as early as the beginning of autumn - drink any immunostimulating drugs (preferably on a plant basis), but do not forget that you need to take them with a necessary course. At work, remember that the breeding ground for viruses during the epidemic is the computer keyboard, common phones and door handles. It's not at all difficult, at least, to wipe them off with damp alcohol napkins.

In the house, you can also create an antiviralAtmosphere. Decorate your window sill - it will saturate the air with phytoncides, which are fatal for viruses. Or take a scent and fill it with oils of eucalyptus, lavender, basil, mint and rosemary. It is these plants that have proven themselves to be active fighters of the swirls. It is also not bad in the mornings and evenings to rub the feet, ears and hands - zones with the maximum number of biologically active points. It is useful not only for the prevention of influenza, but for health in general.

It is very important to each, in addition to the well-knownPreventive actions, work also on themselves, raise their level of optimism. Scientists have proved that optimists are much less likely to have flu and colds. This is due to the fact that when the mood worsens, the brain area responsible for protection from viruses actively begins to work. It is overloaded and can not give a worthy repulse of infection. With a good and bright mood, this site is occupied exclusively with anti-virus protection, that's why it copes with Neochen adequately.

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