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Features of losing weight after 40 years

At this age, a woman is very active, sheBusy at work and at home. But after a 40-year-old turn, the metabolism in the woman's body is in terms of extinction of reproductive functions and inhibitions in the metabolism. For this reason, the body structure changes, the well-being begins, the deposition of fat begins.

In addition to all this, many women in thisthe accumulation of a number of chronic diseases - all this is reflected on the appearance. In order to competently eat and lose weight, you need to learn about your body and its characteristics.

Dehydration takes place in the body andTo cover the need of the body needs much less energy than a couple of years ago. The organism needs calcium and protein, and much more than before. But the amount of saturated fat and carbohydrates should be tempered. For this reason, a lot of advertised and popular diets, to the help of which you are trying to resort, will not bring the desired result. Moreover, they can harm your health by their short-term and severe limitations.

Correction of the figure. Errors

Many women of our ageThe panic causes a set of excess weight, which, in their opinion, is added out of nowhere. At the same time, women state that the lifestyle and eating habits have not been changed, but the extra weight only does what is added.

The result is a restriction in food, and sometimes a complete starvation. This method will never bring the desired result, on the contrary, it will thoroughly undermine your health.

The elimination of fats, and especially this concernscholesterol, too will not give effect. On the contrary, by this, you only harm your health and self-awareness, because reducing the amount of fat, you will lead your body to the disorders of synthesis of sex hormones, which are synthesized from cholesterol and its metabolites, and which contain the functions of the woman's body in the norm. The climax occurs much earlier if the female hormones decrease. With this is associated one more time, which is called a decrease in libido; sexual intimacy will not give you the proper pleasure.

In a liquid, you should not limit yourself either - it is fraught with dehydration in the body, which results in a sagging of the skin in the region of the neck, neck and chest, which in no way will be an adornment of your appearance.

How to lose weight properly

You should first consult your doctora doctor who will assess your state of health. If there is no contraindication on his part, you should decide on your weight and examine your diet. The best advice in this matter you can get a dietitian.

The desire to lose weight to the size that you hadTwenty years, one must throw aside, as with the addition of the number of flyweight, the weight will be slightly added (3-5 kg), which is a normal phenomenon. Think about how much weight for you was optimally comfortable and add to it a couple of kilograms.

Much easier is the situation with caloric content. Daily norm is 1500 calories, that's the norm you need to orient yourself on. You can also calculate caloric value by multiplying your real weight by 22, subtracting the result from the result of approximately 700 calories for weight loss.

After 40 years, it is advisable not to eat after six. However, up to six hours should be supped with foods that are easily digested and have a small amount of calories.

It will be very useful once or twice a week to carry out the unloading of the organism, i.e. sit these days on fruit and yogurt.

Meat is sometimes desirable to replace the fish, which is much more useful in terms of food protein and unsaturated fatty acids.

As dieticians recommend, 40 years isage, which obliges to revise its diet relative to the balance of fats and proteins. At this age in the body, in contrast to the fats that he does not need, there is a shortage of proteins. But do not forget that the absence of fats in general is also undesirable, but they should be much less.

Lose weight will help sports

Immobile lifestyle in women, toocontributes to the growth of excess weight, because a sports woman always looks slimmer and weighs less than the one that leads a sedentary lifestyle. The body without training loses its tone, the muscles atrophy and become decrepit.

It will be very useful to do yoga or fitness. But it is better to listen to the advice of an experienced trainer-instructor who can help you in the choice of nutrition, help tighten sagging skin and bring your form to form.

Consultations with the coach are necessary becausewomen after forty bones and ligaments become weaker and in order to avoid traumatic injury training requires specialist supervision. Benefits will also be brought by sporting exercises: swimming and water aerobics, which gently train muscles and make elastic skin.

What is the main thing in losing weight?

Are you used to your weight? This means that your body does not want to part with an excessive accumulation. In this case, you need to make yourself an installation - "excess weight prevents me from achieving the goal." Then the subconscious mind, having the right motivation, will serve you as an assistant, because the main thing in losing weight is choosing the right motivation.

And one more tip - do not be afraid of the opinions of your friends,many of whom, jealous, hurry to give advice like "yes you will not get anything from this." The decision is yours, make every effort to be slim and healthy!

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