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Dry mouth: ways of fighting and causes

Causes of dryness
This in itself is not a diagnosis, and the symptom is different reasons
  • Drugs can cause dryness inMouth. For example, antidepressants, vasoconstrictive, antihistamines. Many drugs in order to normalize blood pressure, eliminate spasmodic muscle pains, diuretics cause in the mouth a feeling of dryness. And the usual vasoconstrictive and antihistamines, which are available on a free sale, act on the process itself the formation of saliva. Many of them affect the salivary glands, cause dry mouth and reduce the amount of saliva.
  • When the nasal mucosa swells,Excessive dryness in the mouth. Those people who because of adenoids, allergic diseases breathe through the mouth, feel dryness in the mouth. The cause of such disorders may be a deficiency of vitamins, such as vitamin A and riboflavin.
  • With age, the formation of saliva decreases. Older people dry out the mucous membrane of the mouth. Patients who suffer from diabetes and do not follow the sugar in their blood, people also feel thirsty as a result of increased urination.
  • In patients with cancer of the neck and head who received radiation therapy, without protective measures, they have a lesion of the salivary glands.
  • Dehydration can occur for various reasons, for example with fever the human body is dehydrated.
Perhaps you need to treat the root cause. For example, if the medicine causes dryness in your mouth, then you need to switch to another drug or lower the dose. Nasal congestion, dehydration can be treated.

When should I see a doctor?
  • If you are prevented from eating and say dry mouth.
  • If you are forced to drink often to quench your thirst, due to dry mouth.
Therapeutic effects to eliminate symptoms
Most of the activities that are directed to combat dry mouth are associated with chewing. The more chewing movements there are, the more salivating will be.

Scribe the ice
When sucking chopped pieces of ice, jaws are involved that moisturizes the oral mucosa, it is necessary that the salivary glands function normally.

Buy chewing gum
To increase salivation, try more oftenChewing gum. You need to use a rubber band that does not contain sugar, because sugar destroys the teeth. Specialists have found that if you chew gum without sugar every hour, the saliva will increase significantly.

If you do not want to use chewingEraser, then try to suck the big bones from the fruit. When something is in your mouth, a lot of saliva is released. Mint pills and candies have a similar effect, only so that they do not have sugar.

Drink plenty of fluids
Drink as much water as you want. Hold it longer in your mouth, and then pass it between your teeth.

Do not eat liquid food
Liquid products cause dryness inMouth. Due to the fact that less chewing movements are done, the formation of saliva slows down. Those who are accustomed to using liquid food, noticed that even giving it up, the saliva secretion remains slow after 2 weeks.

Alimentary fiber
Food with dietary fiber increases salivation. During the chewing of dietary fibers, more effort is required from the teeth and jaws.

Multivitamin preparations
Due to a deficiency of vitamins in the mouth, a decrease in saliva due to a deficiency of vitamins. Every day you need to take multivitamin preparations.

Substitute of saliva
If these measures do not help, the doctor can prescribe pills that act as a substitute for saliva. The dose lasts only a short time, for this reason they need to be used frequently.
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