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Unloading day on oatmeal

Why oatmeal?

First, the oatmeal diet is one of the most sparingand easily transported, because during it you will not be tormented by a terrible famine. Yes, and for health such a fasting day will be very useful, because oatmeal helps to remove toxins from the body, and also normalizes the work of the digestive tract. In addition, it still helps to get rid of excess weight. Of course, we should not expect that at the same time the unloading day will manage to lose 5 kg or more, since this is practically impossible. But you will manage to lose 0.5-1 kg, so it is very good to conduct thismini diet just after the holidays and plentiful feasts.

During this unloading day, you practicallydo not feel hunger. And all thanks to beta-glucans, which are in oatmeal. In addition, they dissolve, bind and remove harmful cholesterol from the body, they also give the person a feeling of saturation. Therefore, oatmeal is so rich. In addition to beta-glucans in oat flakes, there are also mass-useful substances. It's amino acids, vitamins, and fiber. In general, all that is so necessary for our body for normal life.

For an unloading day, it is better to choose the usualOat flakes, and not those that are intended for instant cooking. Of course, every woman has a great temptation to buy exactly those flakes that only need to be poured with boiling water or hot milk and they are already ready for consumption. However, in this product there are much fewer useful substances than in ordinary flakes, which must be washed and then boiled.

Options for unloading days on oatmeal

At first glance it may seem that in such amini-diet is extremely simple - it is enough just to weld porridge and eat it for one whole day. However, everything is not so simple. The most important thing is to observe the norm in the use of the oatmeal. That is, if you eat oatmeal more than it should, you can get the opposite effect, so be careful.


The most common and effective optionunloading days. You will have to cook oatmeal without sugar and salt. Take 200 gr. Hercules, fill it with 3 glasses of water and leave to stand for half an hour. Then put the mass on medium heat and cook until ready, stirring occasionally so that the porridge does not burn. The resulting vodka should be divided into 5 parts and eat gradually during the day. You can drink green porridge at the unloading day with green tea, mineral water without gas, coffee or black tea without sugar.

Oat soup

If the porridge seems to you too fresh and familiardish, we advise you to cook oat soup. It is prepared very simply: 0.5 cups of corn is poured with 2.5 glasses of hot boiled skim milk, you can add 1 tea to the flavor. Spoon of cinnamon. Then simmer the soup over low heat until oat flakes are softened and swollen. The amount of soup that has been received also needs to be divided into equal parts and eaten during the day. Remember that in addition to this dish on this day, you no longer have to eat anything. As a drink, you can use a decoction of rose hips or green tea. In the evening you can drink half a glass of fat-free yogurt.


Preparing this dish is very simple. It can be used not only during unloading days, but also as a daily breakfast. You will need 2.5 cups of long-lasting oat flakes, cinnamon (1 teaspoon) and skimmed milk (1 glass). Sprinkle with cinnamon flakes and put in a microwave for half a minute. Then preheated flakes fill the milk with milk for the night in the refrigerator. In the morning the dish will be ready. Divide the muesli into 5 parts and eat them all day long. To drink during such a loading day is better mineral non-carbonated water.

Contraindications and useful recommendations

Fortunately, this mini-diet contraindicationsPractically does not have. Moreover, it will not only not cause harm to health, but also will improve your overall well-being. However, one should not forget about the sense of proportion. Nutrition is necessary throughout the day, but in small portions. You can not eat all the prescribed items at a time, and then a whole day to starve and drink one water. Also, do not increase the sizes of the portions indicated in the recipes.

It is best to arrange unloading of oatmeal inWeekends, when you do not experience any physical or mental stress. This is especially true if you first arrange such a day off and are not accustomed to the restrictions in nutrition.

You can not stretch the unloading for several daysthose people who suffer from constipation. But one fasting day a week - this is an optimal option for almost any person. This is quite enough to maintain weight in the norm.

Those women who want to lose weight more than 1-2 kilograms, you can stretch the discharge diet a little (up to 3-4 days), but also provided that there are no problems with stool (constipation).

It is worth paying attention to your subsequentfood after a fasting day. Alas, if you survive this oatmeal mini-diet, the next day you will start eating with redoubled force, leaning on fatty and high-calorie foods, then all the weight that you managed to throw back will probably return. revise your diet. It will be just fine if you decide to start your day with breakfast porridge. This will not only help you build, but will also put your digestive tract into order. In addition, the skin will improve, different eruptions will start, if you have them, the complexion will improve significantly.

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