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Perineal rupture during childbirth

Since the fetus presses the head during labor,There is a so-called "protrusion" of the perineum. The crotch at this time tries to restore the old form. The cervical spine of a toddler feels a considerable load, so it can easily be injured, which will lead to undesirable consequences, in particular headaches, disruption of the operation of the leg and hand muscles. In this case, only the cut of the perineum can help, as a result of which its resistance will decrease, and the spinal cord injuries will become childish.

It often happens that only the incision helps to accelerate the blood vessels, which are delayed for various reasons, and prevent the baby from starving.

If there is a danger of rupture of the perineum,Doctors, in order to prevent it, prescribe apernotomy, and dissect the perineum towards the anus, or perform a lateral incision - an episiotomy. Perineotomy is also performed by women who have high perineum.

The most effective type of cut is the first, howeverIn this case, there can be different complications. These include difficulties in emptying, painful sensations in the area of ​​stitching of tissues, during the six months that cause discomfort, as well as discomfort after a toilet, an itch and a sensible burning sensation in the wound area.

The second option is not so dangerous, and it is most often used during operations. However, here there is a minus - in this case, there are problems with healing.

What to do to avoid a gap

To avoid this complex operation, it is necessary toPre-prepare the muscles of the perineum and make them more elastic. Be sure to attend courses for pregnant mothers, where the program of training includes strengthening the muscles of the pelvis.

However, the main prevention of gaps shouldHold doctors and doctors. They must find out signs indicating a gap in the crotch on time, competently conduct the delivery and timely cut the perineum, if this is necessary.

Doctors and midwives should protectThe perineum of otterm from the moment when the baby has the lower pole of the head from the birth canal. It is in this moment that the head of the child is inflated, because of which the pressure on the muscles of the blood vessel increases.

The obstetrician must perform the task of obstructingRapid and early extension of the head during the attempt. Undoubtedly, a specialist who takes in the body knows how to protect the perineum during childbirth. Therefore, describe this process is not worth it.

Differences in the dissection of crotch

The difference between gaps and slits is that theyMuch deeper, with uneven edges and occupy more area of ​​the skin. That is why, they last much longer, in contrast to the incisions, which are performed with a neat surgical scalpel.

Among other things, ruptures of the perineumoften lead to bad consequences. Damage to the skin helps ensure that tears become vulnerable to infection. As a result of infection, inflammation of the vagina, cervix and so on can begin.

If a break happened

If there is a rupture of the perineum, henecessarily accompanied by bleeding. Of particular importance is the degree of injury. Immediately afterwards, as the latter came out, the envelope of the fetus and placenta, and the fruit was extracted, torn. If the bleeding is severe, then even before the latter comes out, they put a clamp on the crotch.

Stitches are placed on the crotch under the localAnesthesia. Exclusion is the third degree of perineal rupture. In this case, general anesthesia is used for the application of sutures. For suturing the crotch, vikrilovorassovasyvayuschimisya threads on the ninetieth-ninety-sixth day are most often used.

Seam Care

Sutures need to be dried after a certain time. After the birth is complete, the seams on the perineum and labia should be treated with manganese and hydrogen peroxide once a day. At that time, while the young mother in the hospital, this is a wok. At home, the young mother will have to do everything herself.

If the ruptures are of great depth, then the doctor canprescribe antibiotic drugs, since the rectum is located in proximity and is probably infected. If a woman is accompanied by severe pain, the doctor prescribes pain medications that need to be consumed after the delivery within three days. If there was swelling, use a bubble with ice.


In the area of ​​suturing, edema can occur, hematoma, wound infection, abscesses, bruises, pain. Depending on what kind of complication, the doctor will choose and prescribe suitable therapy.

When uterine gaps are substantial, deep, andAccompanied by inflammatory processes, immediately after the seams were applied, the connective tissue of the scars can deform the uterus. Eliminate the defects that appear only with the use of a laser, and if the lesion is very deep, plastic can spend.

Healing of the vagina and labia minorapass calmly. The scars disappear. However, if there are breaks in the area of ​​the clitoris, this leads to problems of reduced sensitivity of this zone. However, it is not worth worrying about. Usually for a few months the sensitivity is fully restored.

The period of healing of the perineum passes withoutcomplications. If there is an inflammation of the vagina, the sutures can disperse. Seams on the perineum can disperse after the inflammation of the vagina. In this case it is necessary to call the doctor.

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