/ How to recover from overeating

How to recover after overeating

The danger of a feast

On holidays we often make ourselvesIndulgence, throwing the diet aside, even if carefully observed it before the holidays. New period of the diet the body learns to live differently, saving resources and redistributing substances and energy in the body.

Various delicacies and exotic dishes, andAlso a lot of heavy food, which we use on holidays, become for it an important difficulty. It is for this reason that during holidays it is possible to aggravate such diseases as cholecystitis, pancreatitis and the like.

One of the main dangers of the feast isThe fact that after the stress that gives the body a diet, relaxation after a festive table can lead to the fact that the body will become immune to a lot of ordinary diets. If you decide that you will lose weight, then during the holidays you will have to manage yourself.

How should I go to the festive table?

A week before the New Year, you should start activelyTo visit the sports hall, which will give you the opportunity to spend the supplies of nutrients and lead to the creation of a small defect. Thus, part of the nutrients absorbed at the festive table will go into the muscles.

If you for one reason or another do not likeOption in the sports hall, then in a few days it is necessary to try as much as possible to reduce the proportion of carbohydrates and fats in the usual diet, switching fruits and salads. In this case, remove no more than 500 calories, since a large amount will become stress for the body.

How to lose weight after New Year's holidays

There are a number of simple tips that helpFacilitate the life in the recovery period after the holidays. Of course, the main one is to observe moderation in food and drink. If you overeat, then use the tips given above.

Refuse to starve!

A number of people, after overeating, begin to sit down onHardcore or starve. As already mentioned above about stress for the body - you can not overload the body, then overeating, then tormenting him with an unexpected hunger strike. This as a minimum causes digestive upset and headache, and as a maximum, a variety of problems with the pancreas, which may well lead you to a hospital bunk. It will be best to gradually reduce the calorie content of the food you eat to your standard minus 500 calories.

Drink more fluids

To bring the metabolism back to normal, drink likeYou can have more liquid, especially if you used alcohol on the background of the feast. Water is the basis of metabolism, and that the activity of enzymes was at the required level, it is necessary that around them there is enough fluid.

The best is suitable for ordinary water, such asMineral (only not salty), spring, weak chicken broth or mors. If you want juice, you should dilute it twice. In a day you should drink at least two liters of liquid.

Take away the alcohol

When overeating is very harmful alcohol, so that fromIts reception is best to refuse. First, alcohol is very caloric, and its calories are "empty". Secondly, metabolites of ethyl alcohol lead to liver damage, and also cause significant damage to the nervous system.

Let the body a small load

To quickly come back to normal after overeating, you can give the organism a moderate load: do a small amount of exercise on the muscles. You can dance, run, play active games.

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