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Unloading days for pregnant women

General recommendations, which is very important to know

When it comes to unloading days, it is important to rememberThat there are contra-indications even for one-day days of release, and therefore use the first advice: consult your doctor and explain if the diet will not become too heavy for your body, as any pregnancy is unique in its kind. Therefore, for every future diet, the mamyvariant must be individual, suitable for her, and it is with her indicators. The diet option, which is effective for one woman, may be completely ineffective for another. And maybe harm the body. Any of the diets, including the unloading day, with reference to the pregnant woman, consists of general recommendations.

Permissible amount of liquid

It is necessary to know that pregnancy will beProceed normally if the liquid that is drunk per day will be at least two liters. The only exception is the puffiness and recommendations of the doctor in observing a different drinking regimen. In this case, the unloading day differs from the others.

In the days of discharge the pregnant woman shouldTake a minimum of three liters of water. Soups are not taken into account. This volume is necessary for the mineral and salt balance to be restored. Do not be afraid of edema, as on days of unloading you will not consume salt, which helps to detain the moisture, provoking swelling. But in any case, a doctor's consultation is necessary, since he will prescribe other recommendations, taking into account the specific features of the case.

Systemic discharge of the body

Never unload the body systematically,So to speak, randomly. You should choose certain days for unloading days, and let it be, say, Monday. In this case, the habit and readiness for this regime will develop. The discharge day will not be stressful for the organism and your health will be good. Decide for yourself how many times a week or even a month you can be on a diet. It is recommended that you consult with your doctor.

How to make food fractional

Pregnant women know very well,How severe is prolonged fasting in this position. However, on the day of unloading it is possible to avoid feeling hungry. And in order to avoid this discomfort and inconvenience, try to divide the daily ration into five or six parts.

Toxicosis in pregnancy

In many cases in the second half of pregnancyA woman has toxicosis, and it is much harder for women to arrange unloading, since the feeling of hunger many times aggravates nausea. Proceeding from this, it is necessary to slightly increase the amount of food (approximately 20%), as well as to reduce breaks between meals. And again, the consultation with a gynecologist is obligatory. It may happen that it is counter-indicative to arrange unloading days. Do not risk your health.

Unloading days and their varieties

We understood our own rules. And now let's try to figure out what kind of unloading day will be the most effective and safe for you. There are, however, not many options at all. Consider an apple-unloading day.

The most common unloading day isan apple day. The number of apples that need to be eaten is one and a half kilograms, and they should be taken as a fraction, i.e. in five or six receptions. It is advisable to drink up to two glasses of tea without adding sugar (green or black). This method of loading will be very useful for women who have iron deficiency anemia, since apples with their iron saturation will fill this defect.

Pljusko all apple-unloading day will rendera great effect in the normalization of digestive processes, because constipation is a very common problem that occurs in the last months in pregnant women. And this diet is a very delicate solution to this problem. For women suffering from gastritis, the apple-unloading diet will not work, because the symptoms of the illness will worsen, which is not always desirable for a future mother.

Cottage cheese unloading

In case, if the apple diet is contraindicated to you,spend unloading on cottage cheese. All 600 grams of cottage cheese (lean) will be required for a discharge day. This rate should be divided by 5-7 times. Drink on this day can serve as an Ivod, and milk (also low-fat). But we should not forget that cottage cheese is curd, not dairy. Sour cream and yogurt on such days is unacceptable.

By the way, it is more expedient to start with curdunloading, because cottage cheese is denseness of satiety to a greater extent than vegetables and fruits. If you just start trying to unload your body, then this option is just for you. But if you really feel a very strong and excruciating feeling of hunger, it is permissible to drink one small apple.

Fish unloading

Very efficient will be a day of unloading on the fish. On this day, a pregnant woman can consume only up to 1 kg of fish. And do not forget that the fish can be cooked exclusively over the steam and without the addition of salt. This diet will also be very effective in the period when you are breastfeeding, especially given that during the period of feeding, with regard to strict diets, there are contraindications, and the fed baby should be nutritionally full.

There is one recommendation: in those days when you spend the unloading of the body, occupy yourself with something, otherwise your refrigerator will serve you insidious service, beckoning to yourself all day. And you can be distracted from it only by doing an interesting job.

Remember that during breastfeedingunloading is also necessary and they will not result in the milk being reduced. Women in such periods it is desirable to stop not on a mono-diet, but on a full-fat diet (fruit salads or cheeses without salt). More details about the diet of a nursing woman, we will tell the next time.

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