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Mustard bath for weight loss

Mustard properties

Double warm-up is the main thing in making such aBath. It's worth mentioning that even with such a strong heating, the bath does not cause skin irritation. This is its great advantage and difference from other similar methods. Mustard powder also has ether properties, it contains mirosin. This enzyme promotes the rapid dissociation of subcutaneous fat.

A warm mustard bath is very useful forHealth in general. Because when you take it, not only the skin warms up, but also the bodies. The capillary system is activated and provides increased blood flow. The vessels expand, pressure is reduced. The body is fully warmed up, this leads to the fact that the release system is activated, the metabolism is improved, and the process of cell division is significantly accelerated. Internal organs are also activated, which has a very positive effect on the work of the whole organism. Blood is diluted, renewed and enriched with oxygen. The intestine tonus rises, the function of the kidneys, the general hormonal background, is also improved. Already after you have been in the tub for only 5 minutes, the body is much more active and begins splitting excess fat and removing the slag.

The skin in the mustard bath is heated as in a bath, andThis is very useful, since it does not put pressure on the blood vessels and heart. The effect on fat under the skin is the highest. This is an unusual feature of the mustard bath. It is prescribed even with such a disease as hypertension.

Tips for proper use

  1. First of all, test your skin on Presence of an allergic reaction. Spread the wrist with a small amount of mustard, preferably on the back. After the end of thirty minutes, rinse, evaluate the result not in this, and the next day. If suddenly there was a rash or redness on the skin, then you need to give up the procedure for making a mustard bath.
  2. Do not sit in the bath for longer than it is necessary for this procedure, and always stay in the linen.
  3. To the application of this procedure there is aContraindications, for example, it can not be used in pregnant women, with tumors and various inflammatory processes. To avoid unpleasant consequences, be sure to consult a doctor.
  4. About an hour before and after the bath, do not eat or drink.
  5. The area of ​​the heart should not be covered with water, it is important, this must not be forgotten!
  6. If you have a too strong palpitation during the bath or you feel intolerable discomfort, stop the procedure immediately and do not use this method in the future.
  7. After the completion of the procedure you need to wash yourself with water, but do not use soap. Then mop up, put on something warm, wrap yourself in a blanket. It is best to perform the procedure before bed.
  8. To make the procedure even more effective, apply to the places where cellulite shows up a special mask.
  9. The best result will help you achieve a combination of sports and proper nutrition, plus a mustard bath.

The best recipes

For the first option of bath preparation youYou will need a mustard powder of about 150 grams. First, dilute it in warm water, and only then pour into the bath. The water temperature should not be above 16 degrees, if the temperature is increased, you risk getting a thermal burn. Take a bath for more than ten minutes.

Since the mustard acts on the skin quite aggressively, the scheme for taking a saturated bath should be as follows:

  • A bath with the addition of mustard powder;
  • A bath with whole milk;
  • A bath with soda (a tablespoon);
  • Vanilla bath (1p.l vanilla and ½ st moisturizing gel);
  • A bath with the addition of lime decoction;
  • Mustard bath;
  • Bath with the addition of a tablespoon of bran;
  • Bath with the addition of needles.

After you finish the course, take a short break.

The second way

With a glass of mustard, dilute one glass of water, pour the resulting mixture into a bath. The procedure should last for ten to twelve minutes, not more than a day later, about fifteen times a month.

Mustard bath should be alternated withMilk and salt. To prepare this bath you will need a kilogram of sea salt and milk. Salt in a liter of milk, preferably greasy, the mixture is poured into warm. Take a bath for about twenty minutes

If you do not have any individual characteristics or contraindications to the use of mustard, safely use it for weight loss and body improvement!

Contraindications to the use of baths with mustard

Mustard bath is a great way to stimulateHealth of the organism and even lose weight, but still there are cases in which it is forbidden to take such a bath. You can not take a mustard bath if you have any skin disease, as they can become even worse. You can not take a bath when you have a fever. The heated body is not needed in an even higher temperature rise, you can get even worse and the temperature can jump at times. You can not take a bath, if you have an oncological disease, it is also not recommended that a mustard bath during hemoptysis.

If you do not have such illnesses, then you will not find a better helper in the fight against excess weight than a mustard bath.

This bath is capable of miracles! In a few weeks you will lose weight, the manifestations of cellulite will decrease, you will become younger and slimmer. Very many women have already seen this in their own practice!

A mustard tub will help girls who just start doing sports, it can adapt to the perception of loads.

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