/ How to Eat under Stress?

How to eat with stress?

To begin with it is necessary to adhere to rules of reception of food well familiar to all:

  • There is little, but often (5 times a day and more) is much more useful than doing it in large portions a couple of times a day;

  • Correct distribution of the diet inDuring the day should be as follows: breakfast - about a third of the total volume, for lunch - 40%, intermediate between main meals snacks - 10%, dinner - 20%;

  • Salt should be consumed as little as possible - no more than it is necessary for cooking;

  • Smoked products, mayonnaise and canned food, as well as other food that is heavy for the body from the diet must be excluded altogether;

  • Also, do not get involved in alcohol and sweets;

  • Will help to strengthen the body tea with infusions of rose hips, aronia, leaves of nettles and rubbed dry carrots. Infusions can be mixed, then tea will be multivitamin.

It's worthwhile to useAntidepressant products that help the body cope with stress. These products include not only one bitter chocolate (although it gives a positive effect when consumed in reasonable doses). In fact, antidepressants are much more.

Fish against stress

First of all, it is sea fish containingA large number of omega-3 fatty acids. Such food reduces the production of cytokines in the body that arise in it from stress and provoke inflammation. Omega-3 acids counteract the production of stress hormones, tone the heart muscle and normalize the pressure.

Cabbage leaf from all worries

In addition to fish, the cabbage will help a lot from stressbroccoli. It has a lot of folic acid and vitamin B1, useful for the body in overstrain, depression, cramps and muscle pain. Even in broccoli, a high content of vitamin E, potassium and omega-3 acids - their use will strengthen the heart muscle and blood vessels.

Raise the mood with calcium and iodine

Iodine-containing products are also very necessaryThe body in a state of stress. Sea kale, some berries, vegetables and fruits (for example, oranges, garlic, strawberry, melon, carrots and soybeans), champignons and even specially iodized bakery products. Iodine is a positive effect on the endocrine system and thus improves the mood. In addition, bromine contained in the seaweed, has a soothing effect on the body.

A deficiency in the body of calcium is also one ofCauses of stress and irritability. Therefore, products containing calcium, may well be considered antidepressants. This milk, beets, beans and whole grain flour. But especially a lot of calcium in almonds, in which there is also plenty of vitamin B2, which strengthens the production of serotonin and magnesium, which helps to strengthen the nervous system.

Egg for the heart and soul

Choline is a substance whose deficiency in the bodyCan cause distraction, decreased concentration and even depression. The lack of choline can be replenished by eating eggs. Especially useful are quail, due to the content of glycine in them, normalizing pressure and favorably affecting the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Tasty and healthy

And of course, how to combat stress, and for the overall strengthening of the body will help the use of fruit. The most useful of the available at this time of year are pears, grapes and bananas.

Another worth making in the diet and grapefruit, one fruitwhich contains the daily content of vitamin C. And if you cut this fruit in half, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon and bake in the oven - it will not only be useful in the fight against stress, but also a very tasty dish.

Bon Appetit!

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