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From what products grow thin?

These are the so-called products with negativeCalorie, that is, those on digestion of which the body needs to spend more calories than they contain in themselves. And these are not some exotic products that few people can afford, but the most common ones, many of them appear on our table regularly.

Products that promote fat burning

Champion among products promotingLosing weight, is considered grapefruit. The "lean" effect of this fruit is that it lowers the level of insulin in the blood, and this reduces the appetite. In addition, the grapefruit clears the body of toxins and improves digestion, which means it does not allow fat to be stored on your waist and sides. It is enough to eat one grapefruit for a mid-morning snack to saturate and make the body lose weight. And if you eat half the grapefruit before each meal, the result will not be long in coming.

Another dietary fruit is pineapple. It contains bromelain, which contributes to rapid fat burning. In addition, pineapple contains coarse fibers, which strongly stimulate the intestines, forcing it to work. It well helps to digest heavy food - meat, fish, dairy products, beans. Here, only need to eat fresh pineapple, and together with the core, it contains the most useful substances, and canned pineapples do not contain them at all. Several pieces of pineapple per day are enough to quench the feeling of hunger. Just do not forget to rinse your mouth after it, so that the acid contained in it, does not damage the enamel.

Among vegetables, they have a negative caloric contentCelery, cabbage, bell pepper, zucchini. Celery is best used in its raw form, but it is perfectly permissible to add it to a light vegetable soup, it will not lose its usefulness. Celery contains a negligible amount of calories, but a lot of fiber, so it satisfies hunger well, without bringing extra calories to the body. It fills the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety, while in your body is the process of splitting fat.

Cabbage also contains almost no calories, butFiber and water - complete! The feeling of hunger quenches, but does not add anything extra, and it does not matter which cabbage to use, any of its sort has the effect of negative caloric content. But still it is better to choose cabbage broccoli, it is easier to digest, but it also contains chrome. And this substance reduces such a harmful craving for sweet! You need to eat either raw in salads or in stew. And cooked for a couple, it contains even fewer calories than fresh!

Zucchini - any, starting from growing onOur cottages are light green to the "overseas" striped zucchini - a real treasure for the body! In addition to the minimum number of calories, they contain a lot of potassium, which helps to remove excess water from the body, preventing the appearance of edema. In addition, they are useful for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract. It is best to eat zucchini raw or baked.

Excellent fat burning effect has andKelp or seaweed. It establishes the work of the intestine and contains many polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, macro- and microelements. And all this with insignificant calories! Laminaria saturates the body with iodine, and in fact it is so lacking for modern inhabitants of megacities. You can eat laminaria in any form, but it is better to buy dry sea kale in sheets, so it will be cheaper. The only restriction - buying laminaria of industrial preparation, avoid salads with butter, mayonnaise and other high-calorie additives.

Among the spices, the fat burning effect hascinnamon. Since ancient times it was known that not only the cinnamon itself, but even its smell promote the splitting of fat in the body. Just add cinnamon to all sorts of dishes, as well as in tea, coffee, cocoa - it will lower the level of sugar in the blood, which will not allow fat to be delayed.

How to replace

It would seem, which is easier - to useFat burning foods as often as possible and lose weight! But first, you can not go only to them, otherwise you can seriously damage your health. Secondly, what do those who do not like the above products? Well, you do not suffer from grapefruit, but from the sight of cabbage you generally feel sick! How to be? Replace!

Grapefruits can be replaced with mandarins,Oranges, pomelo - any citrus. Pineapple can be replaced with papaya, kiwi. Instead of celery, it is useful to eat any green vegetables, change cabbage to green bell peppers, peas, carrots or beets. Instead of zucchini, eat cucumbers, they also take water out of the body well and almost do not contain calories. Algae is replaced by any seafood and oily fish, for example, tuna, herring, salmon, trout, mackerel. Finally, cinnamon is replaced by ginger, cayenne pepper and other spices. Eat and lose weight!

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