/ How to keep your figure during the New Year holidays?

How to keep your figure during the New Year holidays?

Allow yourself to pamper yourself

If you celebrate New Year at home, thenvysobralis sure to cook a variety of delicious dishes. Therefore, advance your refrigerator, and choose for yourself only those salads and snacks that attract you most. If you are invited, then do not hesitate kushattolko those dishes that you like. From those that do not like, luchsheotkazatsya. So you will save yourself from excess calories. Remember the simple rule, the more you limit yourself in the desired food, the more likely you will break and clog your stomach to everyone who gets it.


If you are cooking food forNew Year's Eve, then their tasting you can not escape. Therefore, before cooking, put a mouthful of mint gum without sugar. Thanks to her, you will not try for a tasty dish and its ingredients. Better start up it is engaged in someone else.

Clinging attire

Some girls, when they want to lose weight, buyclothes on size less. Similarly, you can do when choosing your evening dress. It is better to choose something fitting: a dress, a skirt, a jacket. So you can only emphasize all your dignity and look great, but also watch your portions. As soon as you eat too much - the stuffed eating food will become visible to others. Also, you can, while at the table, keep the right hand, which you eat, a glass of drink. This will complicate the process of absorbing the camera.

Good food on a holiday

Many believe that if you refuse breakfast andlunch on holidays, the extra calories will not be a problem. But this opinion is faulty. Do not ever do that, girls! After all, if you go hungry all day, then on New Year's Eve you will eat much more food. And besides the hunger you will have irritability and as soon as you get to the meal, you will deal with it, and not guests. Therefore, it is better to reduce portions of breakfast and dinners to substitute foods for less calories than to completely abandon them. On the day of the feast, breakfast as usual, if desired, reduce the portion. At lunch, light salad.

Eat misapprehension

Before embarking on a festive table, forhalf an hour, drink a glass of clean water. It is better if you add a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of squeezed lemon juice. This drink will allow you to burn calories faster and fill your stomach. So, you can not eat more than you need. Another plus of such a pause is that during this time you will have time to get used to the new situation and get to know new people, if they will. Also, you will be able to look at the contents of the table and you will be able to choose only what you like.

Cut Alcohol

What a holiday without alcoholic drinks. Most often on these days, we are used to pampering ourselves with the most unusual cocktails and spirits of alcoholic beverages. But not every girl knows that the calorie content of most alcohol is very high. Therefore, it is best to alternate a strong drink with a glass of water or freshly squeezed juice. Do not drink alcohol with juice or sweet mineral water. They also contain a large number of calories. Replace the aperitif with fruits or vegetables.

Choose natural-alcoholic drinks and natural products

It is best to drink vodka, wine, tequila or gin. These drinks are least subjected to processing and mixing, and therefore, they are closer to the natural. The same goes for products. For example, shopmoynose contains a lot of harmful substances, so it's better to cook it at home, from natural ingredients. It will not only be more useful, but also tastier. Sausage can be replaced with meat products, and in a salad of crab sticks it is better to put lobster or shrimp meat.

No more than two dishes at a time

Observe a simple rule that will help control the amount of food consumed.

Do not put more than two dishes in a bowl at a time.

Choose non-coloring dishes

Most often there are differentornaments. This may be pieces of cheese, nuts, various sauces and gravies, as well as whipping and so on. All these products are very caloric and will necessarily add a few extra inches to the waist. In addition, all this can not satisfy the hunger, which means that you will eat and eat them until you get bored. Therefore, exclude or minimize the use of these ornaments.

Replace sweets with fruit

As we know, on every holiday tableApart from the snacks of the second dishes, there are also desserts. Most often these are various cakes, pastries, cakes, meringues and so on. But every girl knows that these all-products are the number one enemy for a beautiful figure. Therefore, try to replace all this vkuskutyatinu with fruit or jelly.

Do not forget about games and entertainment

Many feasts have such a tradition asgames, competitions and dances. Have you ever wondered why all this? If you think that such an entertaining program is needed only to cheer up, you are mistaken. No, the ultimate is one of the main goals of all fun. But apart from this, mobile activities contribute to less food intake and prevent the appearance of gravity in the abdomen. Just imagine, if you hang out the evening only at the table and will eat all the time. In a short time you will have discomfort in the stomach and you will become bored.

And some more tips for the last

We all know that our organization is 80%of water. This means that the more we drink clean water, the better. It will help to remove unnecessary substances from the body and will purify it. Also, in order to improve the work of the stomach and increase digestion of the food, before the feast start, take a couple of tablets of festal or mezima. This can avoid unpleasant sensations: bloating and heaviness in the stomach.

The next day after the celebration, arrange for yourself a day of rest. Try to drink pobolshekhefira and purified water. It will be useful to take activated charcoal. He will remove the slag from the body.

Know the measure in everything: eating food and drink. The less you eat, the better it will be for you. By the way, you better taste the taste of each dish. You do not have to try every hour in an hour. Stretch this pleasure for the whole evening.

If you stick to these simpletips, then you can easily prevent the appearance of extra pounds in your body. Therefore, have the patience and willpower, they are useful to you. But, refusing in itself an extra portion of delicious food, you will rid yourself of otiznuritelnyh hikes in the gym and sitting on diets.

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