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Taste advantages and useful properties of hot drinks

Green tea

This hot drink is a magnificent purifier of the organism. The safe daily norm of green tea is three cups a day.

Green tea is an integral partany detox-course. It is also a great drink after a stormy night and an overdose of alcoholic beverages - for the stomach, and not for the head, especially if you dilute its taste qualities with a slice of fresh lemon. When choosing a green tea, special attention should be paid to the fact that there are no flavors in it (even in special stores for different types of tea, they can often offer mixtures that are overloaded with low quality oils). By the way, in order to diversify the taste of the sensations obtained from green tea, we recommend mixing it with a Cellulian or an Earl Gray variety. And to delicate connoisseurs of exquisite and exotic taste of tea, we advise you to try white tea.

pros. Green tea is able to perfectly improve the processes of metabolism in the body, vyklyatishnuyu fluid and cholesterol, and also effectively tones.

Minuses. Drinking green tea strong is strictly forbidden to people who have diseases at the stage of exacerbation.

Expert opinion. As a rule, tea caffeine, or theine,works much softer than the cardiovascular or nervous system, compared with coffee. First, to make tea, take less grass than coffee. In other words, form a smaller concentration of caffeine. And, secondly, in the composition of tea, caffeine is associated with tannin.


It is considered to be the best drink for raising your spirits. Pitcakao can be without unnecessary restrictions.

Unlike most of their"Colleagues", cocoa, as a rule, is considered to be a nutritious drink. This protein will contain about 25% of proteins, 15% of fats and 30% of carbohydrates. And, given that we are used to always milk cocoa milk, its nutritional value and utility is enormous and very sharp. Therefore, we can safely say that a cup of hot iromatnogo cocoa quite reasonably claims a place for an independent second breakfast or first snack.

pros. Cacao is not only able to improve mood, but also to ensure effective brain function (phenylethylamine). And it also perfectly stimulates the cardiovascular system (iron, flavonoids).

Minuses. Cocoa is contraindicated to people who suffer from allergic diseases and, of course, those who are going to sit on a strict diet.

Expert opinion. It is useful only that cocoa powder, in which sugar, flavorings, and also milk or cream alternatives are not added. Therefore, buying this drink, carefully read its composition.

Herbal tea

The best hot drink for strengthening immunity. You can drink tea without excessive restrictions.

A few cups of herbal tea instead of the usual -simple, but very effective. Of course, it is very important not to get carried away with the broths of mutilating herbs (linden, St. John's wort, mint, lemon balm), in the worst case it will be necessary to stimulate yourself with strong coffee. Well, and use it as a tea leaves (restorer of immunity), oregano (restores the monthly cycle), chamomile (takes a variety of redness and inflammation, has a positive effect on the skin of the eyes) or elderberry (effectively cleanses the skin) we strongly advise you. By the way, now in any specialized store you can buy so called tea filters, with which you can brew even those herbs that you have collected yourself.

pros. Herbal teas perfectly quench thirst, remove slag and fortify your health.

Minuses. If you correctly select a combination of herbs, then the drink does not have any contraindications.

Expert opinion. One of the most effective drinksBeauty is considered to be the infusion of star anise. It perfectly helps in the treatment of acne and Irosacea, and also can relieve the discomfort in the intestines and stomach. Plus all can effectively eliminate the annoying odor from the mouth.

Drink from chicory

Greatly improves appetite. You can drink this drink without restrictions.

Revise your relationship to chicory, whichhas been formed since childhood. After all, parents often gave us chicory, giving it for the coveted coffee, thereby imparting a dislike for this drink. Try consciously chicory: it's not only accurate, but, most importantly, it helps those who try to reduce the amount of caffeine in every possible way. By the way, if you add in chikorijmoloko, you immediately notice how this drink turned into something between the middle between the cesspool and coffee.

pros. The root of chicory is rich in inolium, naturalsugar substitute. It is for this reason that this drink is recommended to drink diabetics. Tsikoriy improves appetite, improves the work of vessels, heart and digestive tract.

Minuses. Contraindications are not available.

Expert opinion. If you are a supporter of a healthy diet, you should choose a chicory drink with the addition of dog rose, hawthorn, lemon balm and mint.

Black tea

Black tea tones well. A safe daytime rule consists of four cups.

The strongest variety is considered to be Ceylontea. We always add lemon and rarely milk to tea. Although following the experience, everyone who ever visited England, discover a combination of black tea with milk, a new way. Especially delicious is the earl gray - you can not even add sugar. Very important fact is that milk prolongs the warming effect, softens the effect of caffeine.

pros. Creates an excellent protective barrier against free radicals. Positively affects digestion.

Minuses. It is not recommended to brew black tea for children under 12 years. You can only tint some water.

Expert opinion. Tea drinking perfectly eliminates fatigue, cheers up and clears the brain.

Natural coffe

Strong natural coffee is excellent and helpswake up. Safe rate - two cups a day. Drink coffee, at lunch and in the evening - it's coffee. In other words, psychological dependence on caffeine. Scientists have proved that it is not necessary to drink coffee to excite the nervous system, it is enough just to taste its aroma.

pros. Gives pleasure from taste and excellent invigorates.

Minuses. Leaves an unwanted yellow coating on the enamel of the teeth, and if the coffee is consumed in huge quantities, it can cause insomnia, and can also cause an increase in cardiovascular disease.

Expert opinion. To keep coffee its true flavor of iaromat, it must be brewed manually or in the French press.

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