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What should you eat in winter to stay in good shape and not get sick?

The most useful are fresh products

Each of us knows that in winter a lot of fruits andvegetables are becoming more expensive. And they are the main sources of vitamins. But in fact, winter food can be made inexpensive. For this, it is easy to buy those fruits and vegetables that are on the shelves: radish, carrots, cabbage, beets. These vegetables contain a lot of useful vitamins. In addition, they can be eaten both raw and stewed. Useful will be juices from these products.

Do not forget about fruit. It can be apples, oranges, lemons, bananas, tangerines, grapes, grapefruits and tadaleye. The prices for all this are not very high, so everyone can afford them. In addition, that all this is very useful, it is also delicious.

In cold weather, you must always eat hotLiquid food. It can be soups, soups - mashed potatoes, borscht and tadaleye. At least once a day, this dish should be present in your diet, even if you do not really love it.

Include fats in your diet. They are simply irreplaceable in the winter. In your diet should be at least 55% of animal fats, and 45% of plant. If you stick to a diet or fasting, then lean on fatty fish - tuna and salmon. In addition to fats, there are many useful macro and micro elements in the fish.

Depending on the type of activity requiredCalculate the number of calories per day. If you are engaged in physical activity or mental work, then you should receive no less than 2,400 kcal per day. Otherwise your body will become easy prey for infections and viruses.

Blow on microbes

In order to protect your organization fromYou need to use onions and garlic every day. Do you know that the use of just one clove of garlic a day has the necessary antiseptic and preventive effect? If you are afraid of persistent smell, then just swallow the whole tooth without chewing it. The same can be said about bow too. He is no less useful. Thanks phytoncides, which contain it, it has anti-infective effect and increases the protective forces of the body.

In order to cope with discomforts, the bodyNeed substances such as protein, iron, zinc and selenium. All this can be found in beef, and in large quantities. In winter, beef can be combined with vegetables and garlic.

In winter, the load onthyroid gland. Therefore, it is necessary to include enough iodine in your diet. This element in large quantities is found in persimmon, sea fish, onions. Iodine can also be obtained from vitamins of special supplements.

If you are constantly cold in winter, even thoughthe fact that you are warmly dressed, then this may indicate that you have problems with iron in the body. Iron can be obtained from such products as apples, mushrooms, legumes and meat.

If you like sweets and do not represent your ownlife without them, then you should not completely abandon them. But it is still worth using. Since you will not get any benefit from eating a piece of cake or a cake. But the extra calories and sugar are self-sufficient. It is best to replace all these delicacies with dried fruits, nuts or fresh fruits.

The best drinks for winter will be teas,broths, fruit drinks and infusions, which contain a minimum amount of sugars. In addition, you need to drink plenty of purified water. Because the loss of fluid by the organism increases your chances of catching a cold. It is advisable to exclude coffee and alcoholic drinks, which contain caffeine.

What should be breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most extensivecomponents of our diet. From the way we have breakfast in the morning, our health will depend on the whole day. Therefore, you should always eat in the morning. Especially in winter. After all, our body needs additional arms to resist microbes and infections.

All people can be divided into two types. The first type can be attributed to those who are used to always eat breakfast in the morning, as a second type of those who can not even eat a sandwich with tea. Unfortunately, many scientists have proved that the category of people who refuses breakfast in the morning, is more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, stress and reduced immunity. In addition, if you do not have breakfast, then at lunch, eat twice as much as usual. So, all the extra food will go to the side.

Accustom yourself to what you need to have breakfastat least half an hour after you woke up. Immediately after awakening, you should not start eating, as the body needs time to normalize after a rest. As soon as you get out of bed, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice and honey. After that you can take a shower. For this time your stomach will start to work and you will have an appetite.

At breakfast you can eat everything you want. But it is better to give preference to the following dishes: boiled eggs, yogurt, curd mass, fruit salad. Do not overeat. Otherwise, you will quickly have a feeling of drowsiness and lethargy. It is better to get a little niggardly and make a small chunk of a sandwich or an apple a hour or two. If you work is connected with mental activity, then add to your morning diet a little chocolate or honey. These foods will fill your brain with glucose.

If you have a difficult day, where necessaryphysical strength, then breakfast should be denser. You can make yourself a sandwich with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and pepper. It is recommended to replace it with black or bran. From white bread, they are very strong, and besides, it is not so satisfying. Also in your morning rationnochno include and porridge, you can with the addition of milk.

To get the energy you need all day, prepare an omelette with cheese. You can have breakfast muesli with nuts, milk and fruits. If you want, prepare pancakes with jam or cheese cakes with sour cream.

In order to stay healthy in the winter, you need to fully eat and choose those foods that contain a large number of vitamins, macro and microelements.

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