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Tips for a healthy and healthy diet from Sharon Stone

You can recall a fragment of the "Basic Instinct"Where her heroine in a snow-white dress and with a good hairdress launches smoke from a cigarette in the direction of policemen and very slowly throws her leg up ... what a gorgeous leg! Twenty years have passed since the filming of this film, and the actress is still in excellent shape.

About various dietary systems and diet SharonWrote many publications dozens of times. Unfortunately, this cute and bright woman has health problems, which is why the actress very carefully controls the contents of her menu.

Gallup's color diet

Unqualified prohibition for Sharon areProducts that have a high glycemic index (GI). This index shows the rate of cleavage of a specific product, which is then synthesized in the body into glucose. As you know, it is considered the main source of energy. When using a product with a high GI, blood sugar will rise, and since she suffers from diabetes, such experiments are contraindicated categorically. It is forbidden to eat white bread (GI - 77-91), milk chocolate (GI - 72). But in the leaves of lettuce, white cabbage (broccoli) or gourds GI is about 13 - you can eat boldly.

The GI concept was taken as the basis for the CanadianDietician Rick Gallup, who is known as the creator of the Gi-diet. He developed a multicolored palette of colors to denote products with different GI indicators. The most dangerous are the "red" products - they are strictly contraindicated. These are corn flakes, white bread, pumpkin, white rice, dates, mashed potatoes, maple syrup, cakes and many others.

To the "yellow" products, the nutritionist classifies wheat,Wheat bran, oatmeal, buns (white bread) for hamburgers, ice cream. Green grapes, bananas, mangoes, raisins, figs, pineapple, wild rice and baked potatoes are also on this list. That is, you can eat them, but carefully. On the contrary, "green" products are always in the honor!

The "green" includes plums, soy, grapefruit,onions, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, chili peppers. These products are most useful and one of the most low-calorie. Therefore it is logical that there are a lot of them in the diet of the famous actress (Gallup fan).

Let's talk about potatoes

For some time, the actress "sat" on"Potato" diet. The main directions of this diet are positive. It is necessary to remove a variety of flour products, and in the morning you should drink two glasses of raw clean water, in the evening there is a watermelon flesh. Before going to bed, drink a glass of low-fat kefir. The morning meal should be boiled potatoes, but do not forget that its GI is quite high - 72. Potatoes, although the leader of the vegetables in terms of their calories, but it contains potassium, which helps to remove excess water from the body. Therefore, he also takes out extra pounds of weight. However, this works if you do not consume fatty foods. That's how Sharon did.

It is proved that the most potent young potato ("green" zone). For example, the potato in the liver form Gallup refers to the "yellow" ingredients. Mashed potatoes, as was said, red.

Carbohydrate - less, protein - more

Despite the long-term observance of potatodiet, yet today it feeds quite differently. Helped the actress in 55 years to be still in shape and look on an "excellent" special anti-aging balanced eating system. "Less fat and carbohydrates, but the maximum amount of fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on foods that are high in protein," advises Sharon Stone. - It is necessary to monitor the volume of portions and count calories. Do not be afraid, weight gain will not be this, as your muscle mass of the body will remain. The main thing is that in tonus will always be the most important muscle of the body - the heart. "

In nutrition, Sharon suffices restrictions, but exhausting this diet can not be called. It is forbidden to use:

  • Semi-finished products;

  • butter;

  • sweets;

  • carbohydrates (chips, sweets, pasta, bread products);

  • fortified alcohol (the star refused even to "Bordeaux" at lunch time).

There is a list of what you can use:

  • Fish, which is rich in essential fatty acids;

  • low-fat beef (up to five times per week);

  • low-fat dairy products;

  • a lot of water - up to two liters per day;

  • little salt, but a lot of spices and spices;

  • lemon juice for salads;

  • herbal tea (it is drunk in the morning with a herbal decoction).

In general, Sharon's food is prepared quite simply -boiled or steamed. In numerous interviews, the star recommends not to think of his body as a garbage can, but to eat only healthy and healthy food and eat moderately.

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