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Cessation of lactation in women

Problems of termination ofactivation

Breaking breastfeeding can not stopMilk production. The main problems and problems arise on the second day. Milk will be constantly added, as a result of this, the breast becomes heavy, hot and undergoes a significant contraction. With each hour, the sensations become more painful and give a lot of discomfort. Mom can help herself by following simple rules.

It is necessary at this stage to wearBra of dense and certainly natural cloth, as well as pitted. Otherwise, itching, irritation and a bra may crash into the body. Breast during the period of the child's weaning, becomes very sensitive and irritated. Therefore, the brassiere is selected as comfortable as possible and worn during the whole time until the milk is immature. It should not be taken off at night, during sleep.

Dense and tight bra can be replaced by elasticBandage, with which the chest will be stretched. But this method is more painful and uncomfortable. Some people are categorically against such a dangerous method. Breaking up the breast can lead to the formation of mastitis and strongly interferes with normal blood circulation.

To facilitate the state, it is possible to carry outDecanting. In the chest must be kept a piece of milk. This can prolong the burning process, but will make it less painful for the mother. After pumping to the breast, it is recommended to apply cold compresses. For their conduct, it is recommended to use leafy cabbage. They must first be crushed slightly and held in the freezer.

At this period it is worth completely giving upconsuming hot food and drinks. Also, every mother knows what foods she is causing milk rush. They also cost for a while from the diet. To reduce lactation, you need to reduce the amount of liquid consumed.

The period of suppression of lactation is for the youngMom quite complex vpsihologicheskom plan. The woman becomes more nervous and excited. It shows pain and discomfort. This has a negative effect on a child who is sensitive to the mood of the mother. Therefore, those close to her should support and help her. To relieve nervous tension, it is recommended to use sedative teas, in more severe cases, antidepressant medications are needed.

We stop lactation

Quite often when suppressing lactationto form seals, which are a sign of mastitis. This disease is quite dangerous, with the form started, surgical intervention may be necessary. At the first sign, you need to urgently return to the hospital. If the presence of mastitis is confirmed, there will be a need for urgent and immediate cessation of milk production. In this and other cases, you can start taking special medicines. They are sold in any pharmacy, but before buying them, you should always consult a doctor. The body of each woman is individual, so when choosing medicines, do not listen to advice from friends. Incorrectly selected items can harm the body and lead to undesirable consequences.

Drugs that suppress lactation areHormonal. The main effect is on the brain, causing the pituitary gland to work more slowly. The rate of these drugs can be from 1 day to 2 weeks. Parlodel, microfolline, bromocriptine, turinal, cabergoline, and organometr are most often prescribed. They are created on the basis of different hormones and have different concentrations. All presented drugs are hormonal and have a very strong effect. Therefore, they have a large number of undesirable side effects. In the future, they can affect the next lactation. Therefore, their use is an extreme measure. Only the doctor can decide to take hormonal medication. The entire cursorship is held under its strict control and supervision. Means for suppressing lactation are available in the form of tablets or injectable solutions. Some diseases can be a serious contraindication for the reception of these funds. For example, heart or kidney failure, hypertension, diabetes and dilated.

If there are no serious prerequisites for admissionthere are no drugs, then it is better to use safer methods to suppress lactation. Traditional medicine is ready to offer many ways for this, which are time-tested. They are completely natural and safe.

How to stop the formation of milk?

In order to stop the formation of milk inbody, you need to get rid of the fluid excess. Therefore, it is necessary to use diuretic infusions from the very first day. On average, the duration of their use is one week. This time is for most women sufficient to cope with the resin. To diuretic herbs are: lingonberry, parsley, basil, bearberry, elephant and horsetail. After the beginning of their reception the breast becomes painful, and the painful sensations begin to gradually fall off.

Unique properties of sagedrug. It can directly affect the process of lactation, reducing it. For this, it is necessary to prepare and eat at least two to three times during the day the tea of ​​the school. A teaspoon of herbs is brewed with a glass of boiling water. Within three days it is possible to achieve the desired result. Also, this herb is able not only to stop the production of milk, but also has a strengthening effect on the body.

In addition to marshmallow, peppermint is often used,which has a similar effect. It should be used for at least 3 hours and consumed 100 grams three times a day. Herbs are sold in pharmacies in various forms. For more convenience, you can purchase filter packs.

While reducing the production of milk, you can consume garlic. It is necessary to eat it at 30 grams a day. This is done only after completely taking the child from breast.

Quite often the decrease in lactation is accompanied byswelling of the breast and edema. To relieve these unpleasant manifestations, one can use a compress on the nappy. It is pre-brewed to a soft state and superimposed on the chest. This procedure is carried out until the swelling does not fall. Also, as a compress, you can apply a towel soaked in vegetable oil.

After full weaning of the baby from the breast, milkgradually begin to vanish. An alarm sign is considered, if even after three months, it continues to leak. It is worth turning to a gynecologist and an endocrinologist, who will certainly explain the cause.

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