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Relaxing day on rice

Benefits of unloading days

Many variants of unloading have been invented in the worldorganism, however, the rice unloading day is one of the first places in them. After all, rice is a bite that has truly unique cleaning properties. Rice has a mild effect on the body, removes slag, removes excess fluid and cleanses the intestines. Moreover, it is vrase that contains enough protein and carbohydrates, necessary for splitting fat. So, a fasting day on rice is an opportunity not only to clean up all the internal organs, but also to reach the thin waist, which you always dreamed of.

Why the rice day is much betterSafer than any diet? Firstly, this is a real cleaning of your body. After all, your body is working day and night, without rest and breaks. You can imagine how tired it is from all sorts of diets. By arranging a rice unloading day, you give the opportunity to your stomach to relax and relax, because rice, unlike the rest of the food, is easily digested and digested in the stomach. Thanks to this break, the body can start the mechanism of self-purification, in which all the slags are quickly removed from your body. The rest of the days he just does not have time for this process.

How is it necessary to spend a fasting day?

The best option is to arrangeunloading day at least once a week. In the diet should be present dishes of the same type with low caloric content. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates on such days are not confused. This will help reduce the effectiveness and deterioration of the result. Before you start working on unloading the body, you should take a snap and remember a few simple rules:

  1. It is not recommended to start a fasting day if you feel a general weakness of the body and malaise. It is better to postpone such an undertaking until better times.
  2. Do not start unloading days if you are in a depressed or in a bad mood. After all, the key to success is a good mood and a positive attitude.
  3. Choose days off when you do not have active physical activities. This need is caused by the fact that the body must receive its rest.
  4. Plan not only your menu, but the wholeday. It is very important that you are always distracted by something and do not think about food. Read the book you want to read for several months, watch your favorite movie, go for a walk or visit your friends. Try to drink more water on the days of unloading. It is recommended to drink at least two liters of water before lunch.
  5. Do not go out sharply from unloading. Do not get carried away with fatty and sweet food. The next day you need to eat fruit salads, fruits and juices. Poultry, pre-cooked steamed and low-fat dairy products will help you eat faster.

Preparation for such a day of relief is very important. After you have found the day for unloading, prepare the rice. It is worth paying attention to, because the raw grain will not lead you to the expected result. Therefore, four days before the start of the process, put the rice to stand and change the water daily. This is necessary, because during the soaking, on the grains of rice is allocated a component that absorbs all the harmful substances contained in your organism, and then displays them. This component helps improve metabolism, cleanse the kidneys and liver. But you can use boiled rice. For slimming, it is better to choose brown rice, but if you can not find it, you can use it and white.

Menu on the rice day of loading

Soak a hundred grams of water in the water for threedays and boil. It is not recommended to eat salt in Ethidia at all. Ready rice divide into three portions - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rice after cooking can be stored in the refrigerator and heated it as necessary in a double boiler.

You can add fruits and vegetables to the diet, but notmore than a hundred a day. But fresh food is always in high esteem and it can be added as much as your soul will like. Drink a better green tea or decoctions, half an hour before admission and an hour after ingestion of the food.

Rice unloading day. What does it look like?

Undoubtedly, a fasting day is the most affordableoption for girls and women. But not everyone can sit all day on a single rice. This is what prompted the development of milder unloading days, in which two or three kinds of products take part. Here are a few examples of similar days of unloading.

Apple-rice unloading day

This recipe is practically the same asusual recipes. The only difference is that instead of water and tea you can drink apple juice. Well, if you can not tolerate hunger, you can add a few sour apples of medium size to the diet.

Milk-rice unloading day

The next effective version of unloading. With rice it is necessary to carry out the same manipulations that were used earlier. Only to divide it is necessary not in three parts, but in five. Skazhyam a meal it is necessary to drink three hundred milliliters of milk. Milk is faster than the body.

Unloading fitness day for rice

This option is used by people whokeep themselves in good physical shape. One day is soaked, and after a glass of rice is cooked. In the mess added a tablespoon of sesame seeds, sprinkled with curry and turmeric seasoning. Drink these days you can have green tea and water.

As you could be sure, unloading days -accessible to every option of striving for a goal in the fight against excess kilograms. You can make the organism healthier and get the desired shape, but remember about physical education. Niodna diet can not give you results without exercise and sports.

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