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How not to recover for the holidays?

According to statistics, over theNew Year's holidays about a third of girls gain at least a kilogram, and a fifth of all the girls adds up to five kilograms in weight, which, you must agree, is a fairly serious figure.

The most urgent issue is how to avoid a set of excessive weight during the holidays, before the start of the New Year holidays. We will try to answer him here.

  • Temporarily forget that you are sitting onRigid diet, because in the holidays, most likely, you will break it. Psychological discomfort because of the rigid framework will prevent you from being in a good mood and does not contribute to increase the motivation to lose weight.
  • Many people try to stop eating forA few hours before the festive feast, in order to have the opportunity to try all the dishes. Often at such times on the table you can see rare, unusual and high-calorie dishes and to keep control over yourself is quite difficult, so try to observe the diet all day.
  • Try not to type large portions, you can try a variety of different dishes, but little by little. Your goal - to enjoy the pleasant taste of food, and not eat as much as possible for future use.
  • If you know that loosening the framework is easyCan lead you to a breakdown of the diet, the motto "do not deny yourself anything" does not suit you. Nothing terrible will happen, and you will not get well if you eat an extra pie or you'll eat for a few days the way you want, but if you know that it's hard for you to stop, you better give yourself an extra portion of olive or an extra piece of cake.
  • Do not leave your plate empty. Otherwise, the people around you will try to feed you very diligently.
  • Do not rush immediately to empty the plate, eatslow. Trying to quickly try all the dishes of the festive table, you can overeat, because the signal of saturation comes to the brain not at once. So take your time and take breaks between the "approaches" to the plate.
  • For girls seeking to lose weight, topicalIs a familiar from childhood rule "When I eat, I am deaf and dumb!". You can get carried away by talking and eat much more than you need, so try not to eat when talking and being silent when you eat.
  • In every situation, try all of the evilsTo choose less. If you - the hostess of the holiday, prepare diet food or at least a low-calorie. If you were on a visit, follow this principle, choosing food and drinks from the available assortment. Alcohol contains a lot of calories and if you have to drink alcohol, choose light champagne brut or dry wines. Most of the calories are contained in very strong and semi-sweet drinks, in addition, they increase appetite and can cause loss of control over themselves, so they should be avoided. Baking is best replaced with fruit, they are much more useful.
  • Since the caloric content of the diet inHolidays, as well as the amount of food consumed usually exceeds all standards, then you should try to expend energy at the same speed with which it is received, that is, try to spend time actively - to dance, walk, have fun and in no case just sit at the table . Think about a program of activities that will help you spend an evening interesting and exciting, and not just sitting at the plate. At the same time, it is not necessary to include the TV in the list of actions - it just helps to sit motionless near the plate;
  • To eliminate the effects of overeating inHolidays, it is necessary to arrange unloading days. And it is quite possible to take advantage of a well-known method - to dress as tightly fitting outfit as possible, which will help you not to eat too much.

The bulging belly or taut waist- a sure sign of what is already enough to eat! However, even if the scales on the next day after the feast show extra pounds, do not fall into despair, and accept the case!

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