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Unloading day on apples

Let's talk about the benefits of apples

Apples do not contain a lot of calories and quicklySaturate the human body. They contain multivitamins A, E, C, group B, plus a sufficient number of nutrients. Knights are: iron, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and magnesium. Apples create a truly powerful anti-aging effect due to the presence of flavonoids and other polyphenolic compounds in them. Apples rejuvenate the skin and tissues of the body, make it clean and well toned. Fruits significantly improve the exchange of substances.

You can significantly strengthen your health andTo save money, just by eating one apple each day. If there are apples throughout the day, you can cleanse the intestines and improve the condition of your body.

Rules of the unloading day

Before you go to the store, rememberA few rules that you will have to observe the next day. And no less important note - be patient. It will become an inalienable companion for you.

  1. Apple day includes not onlyDiet, but also a reduction in exercise. This means that if you go jogging every day, then you have to cancel it. Even the most entertaining shopping will bring more fatigue than good. And what did you expect with an empty stomach?
  2. Do not stretch the unloading day for two days. We know and understand that you want to lose weight quite quickly, but do not overdo it, otherwise the risk is high that you can get a stomach upset along with the general weakness of the body for the rest of the week.
  3. The day before the start of discharge, drinklaxative. It will help to cleanse the intestines. After the unloading day is over, drink an infusion of cholagogue, which will help get rid of stagnation of bile. It is due to limited nutrition.
  4. To achieve the maximum effect of the apple diet will help to visit the sauna or go to the salon for massage.
  5. If you have insufficient willpower, weWe suggest that you remove all the products from the refrigerator before starting the process. There are no different delicacies that will be knocked off the right path. Let only the fruit and yogurt remain in the refrigerator. Then you can stand in front of the chop, which so asks in the mouth.
  6. So, the time has passed, the day of sheddingFinished and the scales again stopped on the right figure. You decided to go to a restaurant or a cafe and celebrate this business. Stop! Rest time a little. Do not need to order everything that is offered in the menu. Think about what will happen after you eat the ordered goodies. This will help to refrain from such a step. Abundant food immediately after fasting will lead to stomach upset, and possibly to diarrhea.

You do not want to spend all day in the toilet? No, this means that you should stay at home and not go anywhere. Just remember to order light food.

Menu and loading day instructions

So, you've emptied the fridge. We bought a lot of apples and prepared for the discharge of extra pounds. Sumptuously. Now we will discuss how to eat right on time apple diet.

You will need:

  • One and a half kilograms of apples;
  • Two liters of mineral water;

And then the most simple. Divide the apples into five or six meals and drink them with mineral water. Some of the apples can be baked, so that the ration is not boring. By the way, it is not superfluous to add that in baked apples contains a lot of pectin. This adsorbent removes slag from the body, so baked apples are more useful than raw apples.

If you simply can not overcome yourself and hold out all day on some apples, you can add cottage cheese to the diet. For this you will need;

  • Seven hundred and fifty grams of apples;
  • One hundred and fifty grams of low-fat cottage cheese. It should not contain sugar and sour cream;
  • Two liters of mineral water;

Divide each product into three groups. For breakfast, please yourself with apples, for the second breakfast - cottage cheese and so on. Throughout the day, you can change the amount of minced water, but the volume of apples and curds are categorically forbidden.

If all that is presented above, you did not like, you can use a day of unloading nayablokah and kefir. To do this, you will need:

  • One kilogram of apples;
  • One liter of kefir (2.5 percent fat content).

How to use everything for the intended purpose, we think, were guessed. It is necessary to divide all the products into several meals in time to drink mineral water.

Are all apples the same?

The requirements are extremely simple and anyone canPerform. Preference is given to sweet apples. Sour apples disrupt the work of the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in an appetite. For example, if you have a stomach ulcer and you can not be hungry for several days, as the diet requires, you can use unloading days, but on the condition that all the apples are sweet. In addition, green apples contain more vitamin C than red ones, so buy them exactly.

Many do not dare to take such a step because of fear. Someone panically fears hunger, someone doubts that an apple diet can bring results. We want to calm you down. Do not need to be afraid. The loading diet is not as scary and complex as it might seem at first glance. And as far as the results are concerned, it's worth remembering that water will not flow under a stone lying down. While you do not stop the dark there, your weight will not change for the better. Start changing your life. Let it be a fasting day.

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