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Unloading day on cottage cheese

Benefits of unloading the body with the help of cottage cheese

In the event that the diet includes exclusivelyDishes from the cottage, it is recommended that dietitians adhere to such a diet twice a week. And this makes sense, because the cheese-and-unloading day, with many advantages, is becoming more common among women of all age groups. But do not overdo it, making this kind of food permanent. So what are the advantages of such a discharge?

So, cottage cheese, being rich so necessary forIt helps to strengthen the hair and nails, i.e. One of the main decorations of any woman. Also, its content includes a huge number of fats and proteins, which are one of the main materials for the skin. The cottage cheese-and-unloading day can be considered one of the most gentle and sparing species, as during this day you have the opportunity to eat various dishes from cottage cheese, This particular feeling of hunger and not drinking a lot of water in order to muffle the hunger. Dishes from cottage cheese do not have any contraindications at any age and state of health. It has an easy digestibility and does not create a load to the digestive organs. This means that the organism after relaxation can provide a rest from heavy products. Load of this type can be several options and allows you to stop your choice on the one that is most acceptable for you.

Consoles of the discharge

The list of pluses is far from complete, becauseTo list them all in one article is not so easy. However, as in all diets, there are imunuses. Ideal, unfortunately, there is nothing, and therefore the cheese-and-unloading day has a number of negative aspects that you need to know about. This day will not bring much more results, since you will lose only 1-1,5 kilograms. If you want to lose weight more noticeably, then your diet should be taken seriously, unloading days using only as a support.

In case you are presentLactose intolerance, this type of discharge is not suitable for you, and in general, dairy products are contraindicated. Being expensive, cottage cheese and a cheese-and-unloading day are costly for you.

Cottage cheese-unloading day and its carrying out

The correctness of the discharge day,the results of which will not be long in coming, will help you cope with the feeling of the cold that a person experiences with any diet and get an effect for the whole organism as a whole. And knowledge of the rules will greatly help to see the results after the first day of the diet. Therefore do not rush to buy cottage cheese, read the beginning of the rules for a fasting day, because there are not many of them at all.

  1. Before carrying out the unloading day, prepareyour body to the fact that the usual level of calories on this day will be reduced. Therefore, on the eve of a fasting day, do not overeat, exclude fatty and sweet food from the diet. Eat a light salad or other low-calorie food.
  2. Refusing to eat at all does not follow, since failure will be stress for the body and unloading will not bring the desired result.
  3. It is necessary to drink a large amount of liquid during the whole discharge day in order to remove the cleaning products from the body.
  4. On a fasting day should be very often, but for a little bit, eat. The amount of meals should be about 5-6 times a day.
  5. Portions should not be large, about 200-250 grams at a time. This amount will be enough to be full without overeating.
  6. After the end of unloading, it should be and then beModerate in food and try to give up large portions of calorie intake. It is desirable to replace sweets with dried fruits, cook food for a couple or in the oven.

Some cheeses of a cheese-and-unloading day

There are many types of cheese-unloading diets-some of them are sparing, some strict. And you can choose the one that will suit you to taste. We bring to your attention some of them.

Classic cargo-handling day

This recipe is very simple - its main conditionIs the selection of cottage cheese without any kind of impurities. The daily rate required for this day is approximately 1 kg of cottage cheese and 100 g of low-fat sour cream. All this quantity of products must be mixed in the proportion of one to ten. Nothing else to add does not follow, it particularly applies to products such as honey, sugar, jams, berries. It also applies to coffee, which should also be discarded. This green tea, of course without sugar, can be consumed in large quantities. It is not worth adding sugar substitutes, because they have the ability to load the liver, and it is already overloaded.

Hard-loading and unloading day

This kind of unloading is harder and can beAcceptable only people who have no problems with the stomach and have great vigor of will. A total of 500 grams of cottage cheese with 9% fat content is the norm calculated for a day. Drinking mineral water without gas with the addition of lemon juice is allowed. And also herbal teas without the addition of sugar.

Cottage cheese-unloading day with the addition of berries

This option is suitable for young women whocan not do without sugar. It is allowed to eat up to 600 gvorvorok all day long, and it should be skimmed, and about 100-120 g of berries for your taste. If desired, they can be mixed with cottage cheese, or you can eat a snack. Avot to drink this time is allowed only water, and without any additives.

In order to make the unloading not bother,try to diversify your own, because cottage cheese can be eaten both in its pure form, and make different dishes, such as, for example, pancakes and casseroles without adding oil. And there are a lot of such recipes. The main thing is that these dishes meet the requirements of the cottage cheese-unloading day.

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