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What to do in the decree?

Before the birth of the baby

If you think that the moment of holiday onPregnancy before the birth of the baby is still a long time, then you are mistaken. There is very little time, and a lot needs to be done. At this time, visits to the doctor are magnified in order to monitor their own health by the health of the baby, and also it is necessary to prepare everything necessary before his appearance.

And we will begin with our own physical state. To do this, you need to find out what physical activities are allowed during pregnancy and choose for yourself what you like. Not worth it, and if health allows, you need to lead an active lifestyle. Thus, you can easily regain your form after giving birth. There are also special physical exercises for expectant mothers. For example, you can visit the pool, do yoga or special aerobics for pregnant women. But if at 8 months it becomes too hard to attend the fitness halls, then you can perform special exercises and at home, the main thing about them is to forget and regularly pay attention to them.

About walks, probably, to remind it is not necessary, after allThey need to be given as much time as possible. If you are afraid to walk alone, and the husband returns work quite a bit late, then call on you to join the company of your friends, who are at home and take care of young children.

Further it is necessary to think over and add a listNecessary things for your baby. Here you can consult with mothers who have already given birth or see sample lists on the Internet. And after that you can go shopping, unless of course you dislike signs. But in any case, you should be ready and have a presentation about what your crumb will need in the first months of life.

In recent months, female females especiallyobviously the effect of "nesting" is evident, therefore it would be awful for the child to want to change something in the house. But do not think about grandiose repairs, since construction works are not the best occupation for future mothers. Take care of something small, for example, change the curtains, dismantle the cabinet and go through all the things; transplant flowers; if the spring is in the yard, then it is possible to plant seedlings on the balcony; disassemble the first aid kit; discard all delinquent tablets and make a list of necessary drugs for the future.

Now in the bookshops there are a lot of books aboutnewborns who can give you a lot of useful information, and you can also attend special classes for pregnant women. Undoubtedly, many knowledge about the baby comes to the mothers intuitively, but it's still better to meet the baby prepared.

Relax and a good rest will help youwatching movies, especially those that you all the time left for later. Of course, here it is not advisable to watch any teardrops or horror films, but one picture from the classics of the world cinema - easily. Also can attend all kinds of exhibitions and museums.

Making plans for the day, make them diverse, while you should count on your strengths, do not overload yourself and spend a lot of time sleeping, because you have to gain strength with the baby.

After childbirth: restore the form

Many young mothers are concerned about how you canfaster to restore its shape after giving birth. If you did not forget to exercise before delivery, then it will be very easy to recover after them. You can start practicing exercises for four weeks, if you can of course allow health and well-being, while starting with a light load, gradually increasing them.

The most unpleasant place for all mothers is the stomach. But do not get upset, because if every day to perform simple exercises, you can return your flat tummy.

Time for creativity

So, the adaptation period is completed, the formrestored, and life entered its usual course. It's annoying only to do household chores. Therefore, the time has come for the creation or something new. Of course, all hobbies during the period of maternity leave are necessarily connected with children and family, but still how much fun this can bring to others.

Even daily cooking can become an exciting activity, you can create your own blog or website as a topic of nuts.

The kid is growing every day a new day isinimitable. Then boldly pick up the camera, learn how to take photos and process photos, and as a result, create an interesting mini album.

If you decide to transform the children's room, then manifest your imagination and use five creative ideas how to colorfully and unusually decorate the nursery.

But, of course, the main thing is the development of your baby. Play with your crumbs and play games and share your findings with other moms.

You can realize your own ideas and potential by creating gifts yourself. To that fascinating employment it is possible to involve and children.

Time for change: make a decree

Many women are not ready to accept lossown money, giving on maternity leave. But I do not want to give my crumbs to my upbringing or to a kindergarten. It is very important to set your priorities here: a child or a job.

But still in our time there is a way out of thissituation and you can consider a bunch of options, how to earn an open house and do not part with the baby. For example, you can learn in detail what freelancing is and become a copywriter. Or you can look at the sites of work: work for us and see all the proposed vacancies. And here you can say for sure that the secret is an ideal place for serious changes.

Decree is over

That flew unnoticed, the baby grew up andmaternity leave is over. And here for many women who recently did not represent their life without work, the question arises: "Do you go out to work or completely devote yourself to the family?" And here it is of course up to you.

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